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BandAlbum TitleRecord Co.DeadlineGenreCountry
Lurker Of ChaliceTellurian Slaked FurnaceNuclear War NowDUE NOW
Beast Of RevelationThe Ancient Ritual Of DeathIron BoneheadDUE NOWDeath Metal
Earth RotBlack Tides Of ObscuritySeason Of MistDUE NOWBlack/Death MetalAustralia
Rosy FinchScarletIndependantDUE NOWSludgeSpain
5RVLN5The Black MarkIndependantDUE NOWDoomUSA
AskvaderAskvaderThe Sign RecordsDUE NOWRockSweden
Conny BloomGame! Set! Bloom!Target RecordsDUE NOWRockSweden
HubrisMetempsychosisArt Of CarthesisDUE NOWPost RockAustralia
Rotting KindomA Deeper Shade Of SorrowBoris RecordsDUE NOWDeath/DoomUSA
VulcanoEye In HellMighty MusicDUE NOWBlack ThrashBrazil
Brain StemSymptoms Of Annihilation - Stage 2IndependantDUE NOWDeath Metal
Caskets OpenConcrete Realms Of PainNine RecordsDE NOWDoomFinland
Death On FireGhost SongsIndependantDUE NOWDeath metalUSA
HyborianVolume IISeason Of MistDUE NOWProg/Slush
Lost LEgacyIn The Name Of FreedomPure Steel RecordsDUE NOWMetalUSA
MalokarpatanKrupinske OhneInvictus ProductionsDUE NOWHeavy Metal
NeorythmTerrastoryIndependantDUE NOWMetalRussia
RaiderGuardian OF The FireDUE NOWDeath/ThrashCanada
REdwood HillEnderEarshotDUE NOWPost HardcoreDenmark
WardaemonicActs Of RepentanceTranscending ObscurityDUE NOWBlack MetalAustralia
Origin Of InfinityThe Last Day On EarthSlovak Metal ArmyDE NOWSlovakia
AlchemistsChapter One LoveTenacity MusicDUE NOWProg MetalSwitzerland
Aodon11069Willowtip RecordsDUE NOWPost-BlackFrance
Black ViceThe Alchamist's VisionCrowne And ThornDUE NOW
ChronicleDemonologyMighty MusicDUE NOWThrash MetalDenmark
Den Syvende SonTrodsTarget RecordsDUE NOWRockDenmark
Fer De LanceCollosusCruz Dul Sur MusicDUE NOWAtmosphericUSA
The GrenadinesBand On The RadioTarget RecordsDUE NOWRockDenmark
Justify RebellionThe Ends Jutify The MeansMighty MusicDUE NOWHeavy MetalDenmark
Stone Machine ElectricStone Machine ElectricIndependantDUE NOWStonerUSA
WoormsTwitching, As PreySludgelord RecordsDUE NOWUSA
Dawn Of OuroborosThe Art Of MorphologyRain Without EndDUE NOWBlack MetalUSA
FreewaysTrue BearingsTemple Of Mystery20th MarchHard RockCanada
DevilskinRedTAG20th MarchHard RockNZ
GrieveGrieveWerewolf20th MarchBlack MetalFinland
Live BurialUnending FuttilityTranscending Obscurity20th marchDeath MetalUK
SatyrusRitesIndependant20th MarchDoomItaly
Ritual DictatesGive In To DespairArtoffact20th MarchGrindUSA
Weed DemonCater MakerElectric Valley Records20th MarchHard RockUSA
GloomAwakenSlovak Metal Army24th MarchGothic MetalSlovakia
Brass OwlState Of MindIndependant26th MarchHard RockUSA
Badguy SwinCowardsWaterlow Audio26th MarchGrungeUSA
CurseThe Awakening...And The OldRedefining Darkness26th MarchBlack MetalSweden
Die ANother DayWild Fire EPIndependant26th March
HellgardenMakin Noise, Living FastBrutal Records26th MarchThrashBrazil
NorothIt Dwells Amongst UsCaligari Records26th MarchDeath MetalUSA
SoverignNeuroticRedefining Darkness26th MarchDeath MetalNorway
Zero FireThe Attic SessionsIndependant25th MarchHard Rock
Cemetary FilthDominionUnspeakable Axe30th MarchDeath MetalUSA
Shards Of HumanityCold LogicUnspeakable Axe30th MarchDeath MetalUSA
GravierKing Of The Silent WorldImpure Sounds3rd AprilBlack MetalAustralia
KhoraTimaeusSoulseller Records3rd AprilExtreme Metal
OlsWidmaPagan Records3rd AprilNeofolkPoland
Misanthropic AggressionAlcoholic Polyneuropathic FreaksBoris Records6th AprilBlack DeathUSA
BythosThe Womb Of ZeroTerratur Possessions10th AprilBlack MetalFinland
NyrstOrsokDark Essence10th AprilBlack MetalIceland
Ritual ClearningRitual ClearingEternal Death10th AprilBlack MetalSweden
Raod WarriorMach IIGates Of Hell10th AprilMetalAustralia
SuntitlePure ForeverKnow Hope Records10th AprilUSA
XpusIn Umbra Mortis SedentTranscending Obscurity10th AprilDeath MetalItaly
MonolithLord ConspiratorMMD REcords14th AprilDeath MetalSouth Africa
CryptwormReeking Gunk AbhorrenceMe Saco Un Ojo20th AprilDeath MetalUSA
Past FiveDetoxEclipse REcords23rd AprilAlt MetalSweden
The ShireksOde To Joe23rd AprilPunkUSA
HornMohngangIron Bonehead1st MayBlack MetalGermany
Runespell/Forest MysticsWandering ForlornIron Bonehead1st mayAustralia
TyrantHereafterShadow Kingdom1st MayMetalUSA
DrapsnattSkelphtNordvis8th MayDeath MetalSweden
Henry KaneAge Of The IdiotTranscending Obscurity8th MayDeath Metal/CrustSweden
Solar FlareSolar FlareIndependant9th MayMetalUSA
Carach AngrenFranckensteina StrataemontanusSeason Of Mist15th MayHorror MetalHolland
Death CourierNecrotic VersesTranscending Obscurity20th MayDeath MetalGreece
League Of CorruptionSomething In The WaterBlack Doomba Records28th MayGroove MetalUSA