MOTHER FEATHER Announces New Album ‘Constellation Baby’; Streams Scorching First Single “Red Hot Metal”

New York City’s Mother Feather have perfected the formula to pay homage to the roots of punk’n’roll and heavy rock injected with their own brand of the divine feminine, and since their debut album has been keeping the audience on their toes.
The evolution of their high-energy “pop cock rock” surges forward this November with their sophomore album Constellation Baby, out via Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media.

The first taste of the new Mother Feather comes in the form of lead single “Red Hot Metal”, now available to stream and download. Just like you’d expect from the name, the track embodies the smouldering nature of the NYC five-piece, radiating controlled adrenaline, highlighted by the production of Grammy-nominated Joshua Valleau. Explains lead singer Ann Courtney, “‘Red Hot Metal is a deathmatch wrestling event of the anxious mind. It’s a fever dream of some of the darkest hours writing the new songs for the album, as I fought to keep my grip on my sanity and the wheel of an old – but fast – red car.”

Mother Feather‘s Constellation Baby will be available November 2 via Metal Blade / Blacklight Media and is available for pre-order now at: motherfeather
where you can also stream “Red Hot Metal”.

 1. Red Hot Metal
2. Man, I Wish You Were Here
3. ICU
4. Snakebite
5. Desert Island
6. Constellation Baby
7. Totally Awesome
8. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball
9. Supernatural
10. I Blow A Kiss

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Written by Prarthana Venunathan

Prarthana is an Indo-Aussie, vegan, heavy music addict, fluent in sarcasm and metal. She enjoys listening to different genres with a special passion for being consumed by the extreme, the occult and the obscure. Travelling is an obsession.

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