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NY alternative rockers Moonwalker (featuring 2/5’s of former pop-punk/indie outfit Reckless Serenade) have just released their debut LP ‘Vol. 1’ via Standby Records.

Buy/stream Moonwalker’s Vol. 1 here:

The band kicks off a tour with Louisville, KY’s Floods (Invogue Records) tonight in Lakewood, OH.

Blasting off on a dance-rock hybrid fueled by old-school synths as well as movies like Gravity and Planet Earth re-runs, it might seem like Moonwalker hail from a different universe altogether at first listen. That’s precisely the charm of the New York outfit—Rob Crews [vocals], Mark Neidhardt [guitar], Bryan Witt [bass].

“We really love atmospheric sounds,” explains Mark. “For this band, much of the writing took place while watching outer space movies and nature documentaries. That really gave the music a different dynamic. The name says it all. It takes this space fascination and ties it into the dance aspect.”

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