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Monstrous Delusions With VLAD MARTYNOV From BESOMORA

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Following the recent release of their latest album Delusional Monster, Sydney metal machine Besomora have barely had time to breathe.

Not only has the album been a resounding success, but the band is also gearing up for a national support run of shows with US heavy outfit Scar Symmetry.

Jenna Flood caught up with guitarist/vocalist Vlad Martynov to find out more.

JENNA FLOOD: Besomora has experienced an exciting few months with the release of your debut EP, Delusional Monster, and opening for Blind Guardian in Sydney on their recent tour. Have these felt like significant achievements for the band?

VLAD: Absolutely! They have opened up numerous opportunities for even greater achievements. I remember standing on stage that night, thinking, “Wow, is this really happening?” I still remember how we started when only 5-7 people watched us perform, and now, two years later we’re headbanging at the Metro Theatre in front of 1000 metal fans opening for Blind Guardian! It’s truly surreal.

JF: Have these experiences inspired new ideas and plans?

VLAD: Every achievement inspires us and sparks new ideas, especially when playing with other bands and working with promoters from whom we can learn a lot.

JF: How do you feel performing in front of a live audience?

VLAD: It’s a very natural experience for me. I often feel nervous right before the show begins, but once I see the crowd cheering and enjoying our music, adrenaline kicks in, and the nerves disappear.

JF: Can we expect anything else exciting in the new year?

VLAD: Yes, indeed! We’re embarking on an Australian tour with Scar Symmetry in April, playing in four cities, which we’re all eagerly anticipating. After that, we’ll take a two-month break to work on new songs for our new record before heading to the studio for recording sessions. Additionally, we have a couple of shows lined up in Sydney, along with other projects we’re working on. This year is shaping up to be quite busy for Besomora.

JF: With the addition of new drummer Mustafa in January, how has the transition been for the band?

VLAD: The departure of our original drummer, Daniel Zolotic was indeed challenging but it was a necessary step forward for the band. We immediately began the search for his replacement, knowing that 2024 would be a significant year for us. Mustafa proved to be the perfect fit for the band, sharing similar music tastes and work ethic. Our very first rehearsal with him confirmed that he was the ideal addition making the transition seamless.

JF: Do you plan to tour in support of Delusional Monster?

VLAD: Yes, we plan to promote the EP and play songs from Delusional Monster during our tour with Scar Symmetry in April and later this year.

JF: How did you approach the guest musicians, and did they approach you?

VLAD: The idea to collaborate with guest musicians came when Besomora consisted of only three members. I reached out to well-known guitarists, including Joe Haley, whom I’ve been admiring for his work with Psycroptic. As for the other guest, Tobi Morelli, our bass player Zeus connected us with him through Jarred Smith, a bass player from Archspire whom Zeus was taking lessons from at that time.

JF: Are you personally acquainted with the guest musicians, or are they more like professional connections?

VLAD: I personally didn’t know them prior to reaching them out. I just had an idea to get well-known musicians involved in the EP and believed that our material was good enough for that.

JF: Who are the band’s main influences, and do you feel their influence in your music?

VLAD: We draw inspiration from a wide range of artists and genres. Personally, my taste in music is quite eclectic, ranging from Archspire to The Weeknd. Haha. This diversity of influences definitely comes through in our music, and our new songs differ somewhat from those on Delusional Monster.

JF: You’ve released two singles from Delusional Monster so far. How has the reaction been?

VLAD: The response to both singles has been incredible, with over 100k views on YouTube. It’s been thrilling to see the positive reception not only in Australia but also internationally.

JF: Where can fans purchase your releases?

VLAD: Fans can purchase directly from us or through https://altmerch.com.au/collections/besomora website. Both digital and hard copy formats are available, with digital releases also accessible via our Bandcamp page https://altmerch.com.au/collections/besomora

JF: Has there been a noticeable increase in followers since the release and your performance with Blind Guardian?

VLAD: Yes, there has been a significant increase in followers since the release, particularly following our performance with Blind Guardian. Timing wise it couldn’t have been better, and we’ve been actively engaging with our audience on social media to continue growing our following. Fortunately or unfortunately we live in the digital era and we can’t ignore the importance of social media and its impact.

JF: Do you plan to release a full album next, and if so, how soon?

VLAD: Our next release will be another EP featuring four or five tracks. The writing process has already started, and we have plenty of ideas to work with.

JF: Is there a tour in the works for the future?

VLAD: Absolutely, we have plans for another tour and series of gigs in Sydney in the latter part of 2024. Following the release of our new record, we’ll embark on another tour, likely in 2025.

JF: Where would you like to tour?

VLAD: We’re eager to introduce our music to metal fans overseas, particularly in Japan, Europe, and the US.

JF: What can fans expect from a Besomora headline tour?

VLAD: Fans can expect an extended set featuring both old and new songs, packed with energy and craziness on stage.

JF: Is there a lot of interaction with the crowd during your performances?

VLAD: Indeed, crowd interaction is a significant aspect of our shows. I enjoy connecting with the audience, as it adds to the authenticity and enjoyment of the performance. That’s something we’re known for.

JF: Is the songwriting process relatively easy, or does it take time for the songs to come together?

VLAD: It really depends. Some songs come together quite easy, while others may take months to put together. It depends on the complexity and inspiration behind each piece and how lazy we are.

JF: Do you feel that participating in the Wacken Battle competition in 2023 opened new doors or provided recognition for Besomora?

VLAD: Participating in the Wacken Battle competition definitely opened up new opportunities for us. Despite getting 2nd place, we learned a lot from the experience and had the chance to play with amazing Australian bands who we are now friends with.

JF: Will you participate in the Wacken Battle again in 2024?

VLAD: We’re definitely participating in the Wacken Battle again this year. Keep an eye out for our name on the list when it’s announced.

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