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Moments In Songs That Need To Be Immediately Rewound: Vol 1

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You know when there’s that part of a song that you just love so much, that no matter what you’re doing, you stop, take it in, rewind and listen to it again. Everyone’s got there own crop of songs they adore most, but we’ve gone through and compiled a list of songs with moments so visceral, so adorning and so spine-tingling that they evoke feelings and emotions from gallantly triumphant to hauntingly disturbed.

Pantera – The Sleep Solo
Beginning of awesomeness at 2:45

Oh yes, we all know Dimebag was one of the greatest guitarists of our time. His solos were well articulated and usually created a song within a song. His unique style of playing has influenced thousands of players world wide and his legacy has lived on through his legion of devoted (many tattooed) fans. But here’s just one sliver of his greatness that simply can’t be listened through just once. Just as you think the solo may have finished, it kicks in for round two, upping the anty to Dimebag Darrel Super Saiyan two mode.

Emotion evoked: Triumphantly Gallant

Psycroptic – Immortal Army Of One
Beginning of awesomeness at 4:03

Tasmania’s Psycroptic have been slogging it hard for the last 15 years. Over the past couple of years though they’ve really started making their mark in the extreme metal scene. Containing an ingredient that is pined for in most bands, Psycroptic, like Pantera, contain two brothers. Joe and Dave Haley. These two have created some spectacular music, but the last two albums, (Ob)Servent and The Inherent Repression, have allowed the band to find their sound. “Immortal Army Of One” is a true testament to their current sound, particularly this moment. It’s worth listening to the build up too as the riffs prior gain the momentum in order to highlight how amazing the riff at 4:03 is.

Emotion Evoked: Confused Excitement

Necrophagist – Ignominious And Pale
Beginning of awesomeness at 2:50

I think we can all stop holding our breath for the next Necrophagist album. Epitaph was released 10 years ago and the band hasn’t been active for 5. Whilst we reluctantly exhale, let us soak in one of the most memorable moments Necrophagist gave us over their short discography. If you listen closely, the riff at 2:50 is actually the same riff played at 1:34 of the song. They’ve cheekily slowed it down, and aren’t we glad they did? The riff at 1:34 slowed down enables the listener to properly hear how the two guitars are working against each other and criss-crossing to conjure a slab of death metal that is pure evil and full of disparity.

Emotion Evoked: Maniacal Sadman

Opeth – Heir Apparent
Beginning of awesomeness at 4:39

This was a tough one, as Opeth have countless amount of rewind worthy moments. One that juts out rather prominently though is Heir Apparent, arguably Opeth’s heaviest song. The entire track is pretty much worth rewinding, save for the oddly tacked on outro. The eerie slide guitar at 4:54 is so ominous that an evil Sith lord would likely embrace it as their own personal theme song.

Emotions Evoked: Hauntingly Disturbed

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