The Ministry of Metal – Show 20 – AUSMETAL Special Pt. 2- 19.11.17

Week Two of The Ministry of Metal‘s celebration of all things Aussie and Heavy we hear some of the important bands that have most definitely crafted ta sound that is easily recognisable as both their own but also typically Australian.

Those being rock icons The Angels and Melbourne legends Airbourne. Adelaide’s unmistakable, The Mark Of Cain. The criminally underrated Scary Mother, Floating Me, Byron Bay locals COG & Parkway Drive. And, touring soon Twelve Foot Ninja, Departe & Earth Rot plus a few surprises to raise your glasses to.
Australia has produced easily some of the finest heavy rock bands the world has seen or is yet to and the month of November celebrates that very topic and so does Metal V and The Ministry of Metal.
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Written by Neil Vance

Metal V is a passionate, devoted METAL fan who's contributed to metal press & radio for over two decades. He lives & breathes metal 24/7 & surrounds himself with it always!

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