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2nd March 2018
Nuclear Blast

Michael Schenker is back and this time he means business, whilst tipping his hat to the past, he is also showcasing his new found confidence and desire to move forward. He has put together a band that brings together some of the finest musicians he has ever worked with, alongside vocalists Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White.

What strikes the listener from the start is the variety of styles and composition, each track is fine-tuned to match the vocal style of its singer and provides a new experience as you move through the album.

However, the downside is that somehow you feel that you have heard all these songs before, particularly if you have been a fan of rock and metal for a few decades.  Having said that though it can also come as a comfort and you feel at home.

“It is snappy and melodic, but it’s also dramatic and fast – all of the elements are there,” states Schenker the LP enthusiastically.

The opener, “Heart and Soul”, featuring Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, thunders along at a blistering pace before you are thrown into “Warrior” with its acoustic opening which leads to a much more symphonic / melodic burn.

The LP continues sweeping through musical pictures with craftsmanship and finesse.

Schenker’s original plan was for Barden, Bonnet, White and McAuley to record a few tracks with all vocalists singing together, rather than just have each vocalist sing three songs each and no more. “That would have not been exciting enough,” Schenker adds. Eventually two tracks – ‘Warrior’ and ‘The Last Supper’ – required all four vocalists together as well as a variety of backing vocals combinations. Though it was impossible to get everyone together at times, on occasion many of the players and singers shared room space and the resulting sense of fun and camaraderie is only too apparent.

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Mark Ellis

Mark has had a long association with all things rock and metal. Back in the 80's and 90's he was a rock DJ in and around clubs in West Yorkshire. Since then he has taken up with his "other" passion Photography and gig going. He can now be found in the photo pit at many of the North of England's concert venues.