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MAYAN Ramp Things Up

Listen to the interview here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast.:

“It creates a very varied sound,” agreed Marcela Bovio, one of a handful of vocalists that makes up Mayan’s sound. “We have five vocalists in total but we all have very different sounds so the palate is very, very wide. I think it also makes the live experience more interesting because we are jumping on and off stage like a little tag team (laughs). One will be busy and giving it their all and then they get off and the next one comes along so it also creates a very dynamic and explosive performance. The whole experience is just so much fun!”

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In the full interview Marcela discusses Mayan’s upcoming album ‘Dhyana’, the concept behind it, the addition of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on the album and the different things the band has to adjust to when writing and performing with an orchestra, more on the dynamics of having so many vocalists, her role in the band when she joined in 2014 and how that has grown since then, how the band has changed musically over the years and more.

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