MARATON Reach Their Prime

The Norwegian prog-rockers Maraton are out with their new single and music video titled “Prime” today! “Prime” is a pensive introspection of complex relationships we have with other people close to us. It is highlighted by the bands versatility to seamlessly flick through pop, prog rock and even metal in a single song! Rhythmic intro of the song is followed by catchy patterns which lead to the emotional and lyrical voice of the philosophical protagonist.

The band commented on the song: “When you grow up, you seem to alter your persona from groups of friends you hang out with. Who are you? What slang or word will you use that you don’t normally use? How will you react to other people interactions? The insecurities that come with finding yourself in this massive world are often confusing. Combine all your experiences and personalities. Get rid of the bad things, keep the good. Remember! It’s the quirks that makes you, you!”

Written by Staff Writer

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