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[LIVE REVIEW] SUPERHEIST and Frankenbok at The Croxton, Melbourne on 16/6/17

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Well, there is such thing in music as being floored and awed by a massive show, and something that truly warrants and exemplifies a band’s return to former magnificence. Big venue, big show, big sound and performance so monstrous it is not what we as punters expected but lapped up by us in monstrous gratitude. That was the Superheist – ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback’ tour at Max Watts last November 18th

Just when things couldn’t get any better, things were scaled back to a more intimate environment with a few close mates sweating it out, jumping and bouncing about, drinking beers and chanting like we were in our mid-twenties.

Yes, readers, The Croxton Bandroom on Saturday night was as good as getting up close and personal to amazing bands as it comes.

Let’s start with #raisinghellwithsuperheist Melbourne winners Abreact.

Great, straight up metal that spits anger and attitude. Filling in on vocals tonight was the ever busy and everywhere frontman, Tim Grey. Having only been able to have attended two rehearsals to fill in throat duties, both Tim’s and the other Abreact lads ability to do this show is without question a solid fucking effort and should be commended as such; it helps that their half hour to shine was straight up and in your face. Congrats lads for getting the much exclusive spot for this evening, it was well earned

Next up…I can’t even begin to put into words how I feel about the magnificent band that is Dreadnaught. Easily one of the longest, continually running metal bands in this great land. For nigh on twenty-five years, they have performed incredible show after amazing show, released 5/5 albums consistently, been signed to a prestigious major label and, on the whole just been able to shit magnificence throughout their career. And tonight’s performance once again solidified that statement. Never any apologies or excuses from Dreadnaught they are as heavy, upfront, unapologetic and downright fucking dirty! A back catalogue so full of all killer songs we can always guarantee that their set will be fantastic. And having the mere number two spot in tonight’s proceedings that is exactly what Dreadnaught, without fault, all killer – no filler.

It was my first knowledge of Damon having left the band, for the reason I am unsure of nor will I speculate, but let it be said for the record that his worthy replacement Neil is a fucking awesome replacement and fills Damon’s departed shoes more than perfectly. Tonight, as with every other Dreadnaught filled nite, Greg, Richie, Ando, Neil & Marty played this show like their musical careers meant something and shined like they always do.

Franken-FUCKING-BOK! Needing no welcome or introduction, Frankenbok have stamped their authority in this country as some of the finest heavy songwriting blokes you are ever going to hear and see live. Every show whether it be performed in an outback shack in the middle of Australia or on stage at Festering Hall, Frankenbok’s V8 driven, sweat inducing, no bullshit. ‘GO HARD OR GO HOME!’ show is always one that leaves little room for breath. Sensational heavy madness, indicative of their name. Release #8 ‘VICIOUS, LAWLESS’ is chomping at the bit for your hard earned and a well-deserved place in your collection, and although this was a support evening, it could’ve easily been a sneaky album launch. Let it be said though that a nice little highlight of the evening was when Mrs London Norton (wife of DW Norton of Superheist) joined Azza, Tim, Dan, Reiki & TomBok onstage for a revived version of their hit…er I mean ‘ is Madison Avenue’s hit ‘Don’t call me Baby’ from their first album ‘Greetings and Salutations’ and it was truly TRULY grand heavy metal POP spectacle. One of those great live moments where two great entities come together for a one night only experience that left us loving every second of the ‘bok as we have done for nigh on eighteen years.

Now onto the main event. Frankston’s behemoths of the nu-metal groove inspired, bounce inducing legends off the field – Superheist. As I mentioned in the intro, tonight was about stripping back the enormity of bands full of awesome and bringing it home to those true fans who have been with Superheist since the demo release ‘Apocalypse’ in ‘94. From that little nugget in Aussie metal history, we got ‘Perfect World’ sans Zeke and controlled vocally by both DW and new Bassist Si Durrant.

Now, here’s the thing, we are fully across the enormity sheer weight of the sound Superheist delivers on stage, but the gift and performance of ‘Perfect World’ engineered something far greater than we could’ve expected, a band not afraid to strip things back to their roots.

Superheist were young lads again for five brief & brutal minutes. Raw as fuck and for the first time in a long time as a punter, reviewer and criticiser of heavy music humbling to watch five dudes who have honed their craft to polished perfection strip their art back to their roots. It couldn’t have been any more pure and honest and humbling in my own honest and mere opinion.

And that was the general feel of the evening all round. No one was above anyone else, any and all ego’s and shit flinging was left at the door and for us herded tightly into The Croxton it was nothing but a loud and fucking killer night. Superheist were as always impeccable and at the top of their game. Having lost none of their ten-ton crunch both performance and sound wise. We were treated to not the full ‘NEW ALBUM’ set! Oh no, this was a set full of their back catalogue. Pulse, Karma, Two Faced, the single Wolves from Ghosts of the Social Dead, old anthems including Bullet and the Fight Back.

DW and Keir were sweaty, solid and just up for a dose of groove all night and recently joining them as partners in crime, Si and John just laid so much killer bottom end foundation there was barely room to breath between the plethora of all that is awesome about Superheist. Then…One of the finest front men in Australian music without question we are left with Zeke and as he is renowned for doing, was once again in amongst it with us performing in and with, not for the crowd. It was as honest and awesome brutal heavy gig as one can get and I for one am so grateful I got to be a part of it. But, for all intents and purposes, this is the #raisinghellwithsuperheist tour. So what about ‘Raising Hell’ then? The three brand new Superheist, DW produced songs are as dark as fucking nu gets. The intro and bottom end drop in ‘Got the Bounce’ is something to behold. Enough said! I will end here by simplifying the four super bands this evening on Superheist’s return to the fold as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian Metal scene was awesome.

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