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Laying A Fresh Musical Landscape With FUTURE COLORS

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Future Colors is the new heavy-hitting hard rock band, founded by vocalist Seann Nicols, (Westfield Massacre) and former Bellusira bassist Mark Dalbeth.


Drawing upon their established styles, Future Colors unites Nicols’ visceral vocals with Dalbeth’s signature heavy bass grooves. These elements are supported by a modern palette of live and electronic drums, low-tuned electric guitars, and cinematic soundscapes. The result is an aggressive and captivating sound that is sure to appeal to hard rock music fans around the world.


With Future Colors’ debut single “Stand Down” released today through HEAVY, Seann sat down for an entertaining chat that covered a variety of topics. While “Stand Down” has an almost nu-metal/hard rock feel, Nicols soon explains the rest of the material is anything but set in stone.



“I kinda don’t know to be honest,” he laughed when pressed on the musical direction. “This song has its own unique flavour to it. Some of the other songs are… it’s all in the same vein. It’s all from the same chemistry – it’s Mark and I and everything that we’ve grown to love in music together, combining our talents, and also forging a new path so that we can present something that’s like, ‘hey, I wish there was more of this in the world, I wish that bands did more of this’. It’s about taking this kind of hook and then taking things in a new direction and using some technology, some synthesiser sounds and electronics but still keeping it heavy and aggressive, but at times with dynamics. (It’s about) pulling it down then building it up until all hell breaks loose.”


This isn’t exactly Nicols’ first rodeo either. He has fronted bands as esteemed as Adler’s Appetite, Quiet Riot, RATT and also Westfield Massacre, but says Future Colors is a perfect amalgamation of everything that has so far paved his musical way while still maintaining that ever-elusive element of originality.


“Oh wow, it’s a lot different,” he smiled. “Those bands are what I would consider legacy bands. They are from a golden era of rock and roll that has influenced basically all of us when making heavy music and rock and roll. Guns n Roses, Quiet Riot, RATT, these are the bands I grew up with when I was a little kid and it was an awesome experience to be a part of that and work with those guys. The difference with Future Colors is it’s a different era. It’s modern. It’s now, and we are pushing things forward in the post-2000s. We’re in that era now where there is a more modern mentality, but I think that I still like to take some of that raw power; that flavour from the classic stuff that lives in me and I try to put it in there where I can but not so much to where it feels like a throwback.”


In the full interview, Seann talks more about “Stand Down”, the timeframe on the rest of the music, learning what fans want from a band musically in the modern era, using live and electronic drums during recording and the different sounds put out by each, using a cinematic landscape to enhance the music, starting a band during COVID and more.


Watch “Stand Down” below:


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