LADY BEAST ‘Vicious Breed’

[Album Review] Lady Beast: Vicious Breed

By: Greg Smith

Pittsburgh metallers Lady Beast are set to release their second full-length studio album, Vicious Breed on November 17 through Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music.

If you haven’t heard of Lady Beast, listen up, because I think you’re about to hear a lot more. Drawing on many NWOBHM influences, the band have harnessed the energy of the likes of Priest, Maiden, and Doro, and created an album that sounds HUGE.

Jam-packed with colossal riffage, powerful rhythm, heavy groove, and some traditional thrash elements, Vicious Breed rocks like a ship in a hurricane. There are no flat spots on the album, and Deborah Levine’s vocals are nothing short of amazing.

The album is perfectly mixed, and you’ll be doing more than just tapping your feet when the main riff of opening track “Seal The Hex” kicks in. Each track is a head-banging adrenalin rush, with the standouts being “The Way”, “Lone Hunter” and first single “Every Giant Must Fall”. Instrumental track “Sky Graves” builds from a mellow groove into a blistering finale, and closing track “Vicious Breed” is an absolute shred-fest!

Necks and eardrums beware, the Lady Beast has been unleashed!

Written by Greg Smith

Contributor since 2015. Greg has been a devoted fan of heavy music since he first heard Van Halen as a kid back in the '80s. He 'matured' to the Big Four, survived the Grunge Revolution (and other fads) of the '90s, and has seen some of metal's biggest bands, as well as hundreds of lesser known bands in small venues from Gosford to Wollongong. His passion is supporting local heavy bands.

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