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KRISIUN at The Barwon Club Geelong on 20/06/19

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It is always a disappointment when a band/s put on an event that deserves far more attendees than are present. Sure it was beyond cold and miserable evening in Geelong on Thursday night and that may well of been symptomatic of the turn out. But if KRISIUN, both a name and a band synonymous with beyond extreme and brutal death metal can’t pull you out from beneath your doona and away from your Milo then I suppose one should question their faith in all things extreme!

Inside the toasty warm and beer filled Barwon Club local Geelong heavy heroes Nemesium kicked off the incredibly promising heavy evening. Primarily playing songs from their upcoming album, Nemesium slayed as they always do. Playing to the 30 or so punters like it was a packed event, Chris, Andrew, Clint, Justin and David clearly have a unique unity which creates killer death metal and a bond that sees them harmoniously feed and drive each other on stage which, combined as a whole delivers a set that is faultless, harmoniously heavy and without question just downright fucking brutal.

Next up to grace the stage were Melbourne band Stormtide. A symphonic/folk inspired death band that, again disregarding the lacklustre turnout they had but one goal in mind and that was to shake off the cold of those of us hearing and witnessing them by raising our well chilled and full beers in the air and raising horns proudly in the air and try to pull off the best hair windmill we could. Watching and listening to Stormtide it was absolutely evident that they love what they play and have a damn good time doing it. Stormtide slayed the attentive audience with the solid set of various genre colliding metal all the while done with each of the four members Reuben, Tyson, Daniel and Dean wearing a well earned shit eating grin throughout the duration of their brilliantly orchestrated performance.

So gloriously and with a total disregard for any brains, necks and eardrums pulverised local Geelong legends Destruktor paved a path of uncompromising extreme metal for Krisiun to follow.

Destruktor are the bastard kids of Motörhead. Hard pulsating hard n’ heavy death n’ roll disguised as hate fueled death metal spitting in the face of the suffocating world we all endure. Live both Destruktor’s style of metal and delivery pulsates with anger and honesty that comes from a place within themselves that can only be played with such ferocity that there is no way you can’t emit the same energy and anger release as a punter listening to them play.

In the world of extreme music there is no compromise, only a promise to deliver certain obliteration and that is exactly what a Krisiun show should deliver and as a whole they did. For nearly thirty years and twelve full length releases, this Brazilian trio have been obliterating necks and ears and melting faces with their uncompromising approach to extreme technically flawless death metal. Playing on a night such as this it was absolutely evident that a band of purity such as Krisiun and with much respect and thanks to their fans will play a show as powerful as much as their albums are unrelenting whether there are thirty people in a small room or thousands at a festival. This gig was about giving without prejudice as it was gratitude to being a participating audience member receiving the best of the best when it comes to honest and brutal traditional death metal. The crowd at The Barwon Club finally formed an impenetrable wall at the stage to smash their limbs against one another with reckless abandon showing their support and appreciation for the mighty Brazilians and travelling halfway around the world to play in Geelong for them.

Finally being gifted the chance to see Krisiun perform live for the first time after being a fan for such a long time in such an intimate environment was more than any diehard fan could of asked for. Listening to Max, Alex and Moyses live sonic assault was breathtaking. They have been playing together as a tight cohesive unit for so long now that their musical proficiency and destructive display of brutal death metal is almost without peer, knowing and respecting the Barwon Club crowd made sure that we gave Krisiun the due thankful acknowledgement for playing before us for the first time.


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