JAPAM New EP and Video Clip

Japam is set to release “Sickboy”, their first EP since 2016, on April 12th with pre-orders open on February 22nd. The band have just dropped their first single off the EP in anticipation, “Roak”, accompanied by a video clip.

Mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson (Periphery, From First to Last, Veil of Maya and Asking Alexandria) at Oceanic Recording, the EP combines influences from the heavy, technical groove of modern progressive music to the melodic appeal of 90’s pop and rock music. Japam create an energetic and infectious soundscape, sure to please a vast array of keen music listeners.

“Roak” is the first single off of Sickboy and as a multi-instrumentalist and Japam frontman, Seb Hudson, said “[Roak] is the signature ‘djent’ song on the EP, and a personal favourite for most of the band.” This track really pushes the band’s limits in terms of playability and showcases their capabilities. Relentlessly heavy from start to finish, it’s a headbanger’s dream.

Japam’s new single ‘Roak’ is out Friday February 22, as are Pre-orders for the Sickboy EP – both are available at all good digital stores and streaming outlets.

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