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Jack The Stripper + Supports, Sydney, 9 July 2016

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Jack The Stripper + Daemon Pyre + Gvrlls + Honest Crooks
The Factory Floor, Sydney
9 July 2016
Review by Sam Barker
Photos by Jess Miller

Sydney’s inner west is known for its live music scene and the outrageous antics that often go along with it. My attention on Saturday was specifically focused at the Factory Floor in Marrickville, where the real musical debauchery would commence. Jack The Stripper were to play, alongside Daemon Pyre, Gvrlls and Honest Crooks. It was certainly a night of energetic performances, and electricity was in the air.

Having a small audience before them did not prevent Honest Crooks from putting on a dynamic show. Despite the smaller turnout for the opening act, the crowd was participatory and some decent moshing for some of the many breakdowns the band had to offer. In between the multitude of vigilant breakdowns and sweeping solos, there were numerous riffs one would even consider head-bangers. They did perform without one of their guitarists, however to their credit, still played well and had a sense of unity on stage. I would recommend for fans of slam and heavy breakdowns.

The room, to my delight, started filling as the second act for the night Gvrlls took the stage of the Factory Floor. This band is definitely not one to miss, as their act was consistent, professional and even artistic. They started with a slow, ambient, somber guitar, solitary notes and feedback cutting through the silence like a blade. Once they had their audience’s attention, Gvrlls dived straight into violent riffs, frenzied and emotional. Black metal chords demonically danced over the screaming of breathy vocalist Dominic Lewis. However, what definitely sets this band aside is the clear passion and determination of every member involved – you just have to watch one of their sets to see how involved these Sydney and Canberra boys are in their craft.

Daemon Pyre followed, and the crowd was greeted by the frontman Sam Rilatt’s entire face and body slapped inconsistently with black paint. Imagine a more energetic, faster version of In Flames, with certain thrash tendencies, and you have Daemon Pyre. The songs would delve from traditionally sounding riffs, to arpeggios rife with chorus and flange, to fast sweeps and guitarmonies. As a fan of a lot of old school bands and the Gothenburg scene, I found this band rather enjoyable and contrasting to the other bands of the night.

And finally, the headliner Jack The Stripper arrived, brothers in arms ready for battle. Reminiscent of Phil Anselmo in his prime, the singer Luke Frizon can be seen throughout the set slamming the microphone against his skull. He sauntered into the room with ease before lashing out with self-deprecating abuse, screaming and bashing his own head. Their music was disjointed and yet unified, aggressive and energetic. The feedback-fueled guitars were frenetic one minute, the next, demonstrating small nuances before going back into the main riffs. Jack The Stripper showcased their single Nibiru, with beaming smiles on their faces, almost with looks of insanity in their eyes as they performed to their audience.

What started as a calm, slow start to an evening soon turned into a night fueled with aggression, energy and enthusiasm from every band involved. Whilst Jack The Stripper clearly won the hearts of the crowd, the other bands played with vigor, making the evening one I am glad not to have missed. The line-up was mixed, nevertheless there was a sense of camaraderie that bound all the acts together, showing that local shows like this are really the ones to check out.

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