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[INTERVIEW] Ashley Park

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Ashley Park is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood at the moment. Not only is she part of the cast of the award winning Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter but has also just finished new films Terror Tales, Grad Daze and Los Angeles: Overnight as well as being recently picked to be part of new film Trapdoor.

We were lucky enough to be able to do an email interview with Ashley.

First of all, Ashley, thank you for taking the time to do this interview for us, and congratulations on your new films.

Thank you very much! That is very kind of you to say.

1. Ashley, first of all, it’s been just on twelve months since we spoke to you last time. Could you tell us a little bit about what has been going on in your career since then?

Thank you so much for having me back! I wrapped Season 2 of Last Life, which will be premiering soon, and I also filmed Bad Sex With Good People, which will also be releasing in the coming months. I worked on the series with Robert Palmer Watkins from General Hospital, as well as former Cheetah Girls Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan. I just recently finished filming the feature film Around the Bed, alongside Donnell Turner from General Hospital. My character was Nurse Kelly Lee and Special Agent Michelle Chen – yes, I played two roles! I’ve also been continuing my journey as Miss Asia USA, and am now working on my MBA as well.

2.You’ve just finished working on a brand new film called Terror Tales, can you tell us a little bit about the film. How did you get involved with the film and can you tell us a little bit about your character of Alisha Harding?

My character in Terror Tales is Alisha Harding. The film is a horror anthology, and one of the stories revolves around her abduction. Detective Stephens is determined to solve the case of these horrific abductions by a serial killer known as the Sledgehammer. We actually went back to the 80s for this segment, so it was fun to dress the part. My involvement in the film came when I was introduced to the director, Jimmy Lee Combs, and he decided to cast me as Alisha. The rest is history! Literally. All of my scenes have already been filmed.

3. What was it like working with Jimmy Lee Combs as director? What kind of director is he?

Jimmy is great! He is incredibly down to earth, kind, and definitely knows horror. I’m looking forward to seeing how the film turns out. It’s such a fun and stellar cast!

4. You also got to work with genre legends like Lynn Lowry, what was she like to work with? Were you a fan of her work before you started on the film?

I actually did not get to work with her on set, since she was in the first segment. I believe they filmed her segment months before they actually got to mine!

5. When you are acting in a psychological thriller like this how do you switch off at the end of the day? Do you have any tips for young actors/actresses in how to unwind after a day of tense shooting?

I actually tend to switch on and off pretty quickly. If I’m particularly exhausted, I usually refuel with water and food. Then I get some rest through sleep, a good book, or catching up on a TV show or social media. Anything to settle back into the daily routine is helpful. I call it a ‘reset.’

6. You’ve also got films like Los Angeles: Overnight and Grad Daze coming out soon. Can you tell us a little bit about those films and the roles that you play in them?

Absolutely. My character in Los Angeles Overnight is Abelie, and she is actually quite difficult to describe without giving anything away! The film is a noir thriller, and will be hitting the festival circuit soon, I believe, and so will Grad Daze. Both projects were such a blast to work on, and I actually worked on them both at the exact same time. My character in Grad Daze is Jackie, a high-strung, aspiring politician, and the project features an incredibly talented and funny cast.

7. It’s just been announced that you’ve been cast in a new horror called Trapdoor. Can you tell us a little bit about the film and what your thoughts were when you first read the screenplay for it?

Trapdoor is a female-focused thriller in the vein of The Descent. I absolutely loved the screenplay for it, and I think it is unique in that it brings together action sports and horror in such a cohesive and interesting way.

8. Are you a fan of horror films at all? If so what have been some of your favourite horror films over the years?

I am so frightened when I watch horror films, so it’s difficult to say if I actually have a favorite. I generally won’t watch them over and over again, but some films that stand out to me are: The Ring, The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring and Insidious. I do really love the show Penny Dreadful! Does that count?

9. Does working on a horror film provide any new challenges for you as an actress?

I don’t think that working on horror films has created any particular challenges for me as an actress. I approach all of my work in a similar fashion, and I enjoy working. The feeling of being on set is unparalleled by anything else, at least for me.

10. The last time we spoke to you, you had just finished working on Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, which is about to be released here in Australia. Have you had a chance to sit down and watch the film and if so how did it look on the big screen?

I can now officially say that I have seen it on the big screen. It just premiered here in LA last weekend, and it was so exciting to finally see it. Our director, Neil Johnson, really outdid himself on this film. It is visually stunning and features such incredibly talented artists. Tracey Birdsall stars as Sienna, and the film won a tremendous number of awards at the Action On Film Festival. My co-star, Tim McGrath, did an incredible job as Blister, and it was so fun to see our scenes come to fruition on the big screen.

11. How challenging did you find it to work on a big scale science fiction film like this?

It was fun! I love a challenge, so I enjoyed our time filming out in the desert. I was actually sad to come back to LA. It’s a different world out there, and I’m so glad I was able to experience that.

12. I noticed on your bio that you are an aspiring writer as well as an actress. Can you tell us a little bit about where your passion for writing came from and what kind of projects you are working on as a writer?

I have always loved writing short stories since I was young, and I competed in quite a few creative writing competitions in high school. I switched over to journalism in college, where I wrote all of my broadcast packages, and I also wrote quite a few articles for the school paper when I was a journalism student at the University of Arkansas. I went on to intern at Seventeen Magazine, and wrote for a few corporations as well. I would love to write more fiction someday, but I am currently quite inundated with school, Miss Asia USA duties, producing and acting.

Ashley, thank you so much for your time in doing this interview for us.

Thank you so much!

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