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IAMFIRE are ready with the re-release of their debut album “FROM ASHES”, which features heavy psychedelic rock with an unprecedented complexity and nerve. Their experimental compositions challenge their listeners with shifts between dense, heavy, riff-driven rock and hypnotic melodies. It is a fusion of Beatles, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Tool into a unique project, which embodies astronomical grooves and transcending flow.

To celebrate their release, they present to you a music video for their third and last single “My Mistake”


The bandโ€™s debut album, โ€˜FROM ASHESโ€™, is an album one should immerse themselves in. It is a surprising and captivating sound experience which deserves ones full attention. So multifaceted and layered, that a moment of distraction will result in missing an incredible musical moment.

“FROM ASHES” is self-released and available on all streaming services today.

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