HOWL – “Bloodlines” (Relapse)
From the over the top cover art that strikes a resemblance to the work by Baroness frontman, John Baizley, right through to HOWL’s punishing sludge metal riffs, there is nothing to really fault about this album, and believe me, I’ve tried. HOWL’s sophomore release is the perfect follow up to 2010’s Full Of Hell, mixing a nice blend of stoner doom inspired guitar work and death metal growls. At times it rides on a nice groove and then breaks into traditional Swedish death metal all the while holding its own as to still sound like their own entity. More refined and precise than their previous effort, Bloodlines is a much superior piece of work and the full sounding production only adds to the overall experience to bring you ten solid tunes that all fans of heavy music will appreciate. Definitely a band to watch and keep on your radar as I suspect Bloodlines will be their breakthrough piece. Something this strong can’t go unnoticed and if it does, you’re listening to music wrong.
Damo Musclecar

Written by HEAVY NEWS

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