HEAVY’s Soundwave 2014 Dream Lineup

As the debilitating case of PSWD (Post-Soundwave-Depression) slowly wears off and life returns to normal, HEAVY is here to inject you with one final glorious shot of our patented HEAVY PSWD curing tonic – our Soundwave 2014 dream lineup.

As with discussions surrounding the HEAVY team’s Soundwave 2013 highlights (check out the sweet SW13 highlights pie chart here), the word Ghost was thrown around many a time during talks of the Soundwave 2014 lineup, but the words Pantera and Motörhead also featured prominently.  I must admit, I pushed for Pantera early on (and maybe did a little bit of threatening to those that didn’t vote for Pantera) and this may have skewed the accuracy of the graph somewhat. My influence aside, Pantera held the glorious lead right up until the very last vote, a vote that was cast for Motörhead resulting in a tie, stripping Pantera of the immortalising solo victory.

So, who do you think should play Soundwave 2014 and who should replace Dimebag if (or when) Pantera reform for Soundwave 2014?  Hint: the answer is Zakk Wylde.

Coming soon, we’re gonna see what local acts the HEAVY crew come up with!

Written by Amanda Mason

Amanda is a lawyer at Media Arts Lawyers, a boutique music and entertainment industry, intellectual property and commercial law firm. To arrange a consultation with Amanda, please visit http://www.mediaartslawyers.com/.


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