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HATESCAPE – Truth Or Consequences

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Words by Jimmy Glinster

Hatescape, this sounds like it could be heavy! And the truth is, after a quick intro titled Exordium which bleeds into the title track Truth or Consequences, the band rips straight into some heavy riffage and non-stop double kick. The low thick vocals blend in under the mix with the kicks delivering a non-stop attack. The song dials back in the middle with a
continuation of the intro sample before picking back up into the double kicks, melodically heavy guitars & guttural vocals.

Torture Within picks up the tempo a little before pulling back into a heavy groove and allowing the vocalist some air to spit some violent lyrics. Not sure if there are samples playing in the background or just some buried guitar melodies, but they fill the mix out to create a dark semi-symphonic undertone. Heavy riff after heavy riff blast as the double kicks
continue relentlessly switching between 8ths and 16ths to shift the tempo of the song.

A slow picked distorted guitar melody introduces us to Ice Pick Retribution and the band slowly builds up with heavy chugs to kick us into the song. This one is much slower than the previous tracks, but still heavy. The verses are delivered partially as spoken word, and a second and maybe third vocalist double/triple the lyrics.

Where The Devil feature as guests, however, I’m unsure as to their participation or which parts they are responsible for. If you’re not as lazy as me, you can probably google this and find out some more information, but I’m sure as hell not going to do it for you.

Parasomnia redelivers the ferocity heard earlier in the EP, and we again hear some impressive double kick work by the drummer Mat. Frontman Cameron and Guitarist/Vocalist Paul seem to share the vocal duties on this track, or it’s just some skilled editing and tricky vocal work creating a dual vocal attack. For the first time on the EP, we hear some harmonic lead guitar work followed by a quick shred solo. This is groove metal and reminds me very much of Devildriver. Good track!

EP closer The Inception of Eldritch kicks off with some old skool thrashing before pulling back into a heavy groove. The infusion of groove and thrash metal works well and keeps you interested in the track as it shifts between and blends the two. We again hear some much- appreciated lead guitar work throughout the bridge of the track before the band kicks back into the heavy and sends us on our way. But not before the vocalist calls someone a “fucking piece of shit” in his occa Aussie accent. You’ve just gotta love our Australian way with words!

I’ve said this a few times lately, but I’ll say it again. We have some absolutely bullshit heavy talent here in Australia, and Hatescape are certainly helping to fly the flag and hold it up high!


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