Hate Eternal – Infernus – Album Review

Hate Eternal
Season Of Mist
Release Date: 21 August 2015
Review by Steve Jenkins

For eighteen years now Hate Eternal have been dominating the death metal world with crushingly heavy music that would give any serious head-banger neck problems.

Now in 2015, they’re unleashing album number six, Infernus, and the intensity that they’re so well known for is there from start to finish. Hate Eternal have created a record with a very compelling and intriguing energy to it, dynamic and expanded yet aggressively rooted in the tradition of the band. It’s a very dark and mysterious journey that develops through many passages as you listen. This ranks right up there with some of their best releases along with 2005’s I Monarch and 2011’s Phoenix Amongst The Ashes. Hate Eternal have always taken modern death metal and given it a whole new level of creative ferocity and Infernus is no different.

Founder/vocalist/guitarist/producer Erik Rutan has always been at the front of Hate Eternal as their primary songwriter. Chances are if you’re already a fan of death metal or Hate Eternal then you’re already going to be checking this album out. But if you’re new to this majestic and downright evil sounding band then you’re in for a treat because it’s got everything that a metal fan needs.

Solos, fast riffs, technical drumming, hellish roars, thunderous choruses and catchy song structure that gets you grooving to the extreme sound that is Hate Eternal. If you like bands such as Behemoth, Suffocation and Deicide then you’ll love this. Infernus isn’t an instant classic by all means, but with standouts such as The Stygian Deep and The Chosen One it’s very good in its own right.


Written by Robyn Morrison

Nile’s Karl Sanders: ”I’m kinda sick of super technical.”

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