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HALLOWEEN HYSTERIA at The Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 27/10/18

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King Parrot, The Bennies
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Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, Australia
27th October 2018

Greeted by an array of living dead ladies and gentlemen who braved the heat in fully clad dress and grotesque make up Halloween Hysteria 2018 was ghoulish and damn hot! Spanning across 4 stages a constant hum of heavy goodness kept the punters moving from noon till night, with relief from spray fans around the Jubilee Hotel made it bearable to stretch the muscles and get involved in the energy that each act projected.

Around the venue the signs read “Strictly No Moshing or Crowd-Surfing Allowed” but as the festival went on this became ineffective with fans and members of bands doing their dandiest ride the human sea. As the crowd grew over the course of the day the intensity grew with a real sense of chaos steaming throughout the stage areas and beyond. Having a variety of acts ranging from classic punk rock to downright deathcore it made for a fer-filling and entertaining 12 hours on constant live music.

Through the day bands on the Young Henry’s Carpark Stage had to contend with direct hot sunlight, it was hard not to feel for these bands but each brought the thunder and delivered the goods as they blazed on stage. As night grew headliners The Bennies turned the carpark into their own private party with an energetic and bouncy set. The upstairs “Kick out the Jams” Stage sore punters squeeze in to catch the brunt of what was on offer, this sweat box was bouncing from beginning to end. With a compact foot high stage the Hysteria Beergarden sore the crowd and band interaction face to face with punters spilling constantly onto the stage, it was a site to behold.

Main headliners King Parrot turned the Scenestr Deckbar into a human soup of flying bodies and day old sweat, with the constant attack that K.P. are famous for it became a survival of the fittest at the front of the stage with people, beer and spit literally spewing in every direction. A fitting ending to a unhinged day and night of brutal music.

It’s always fun to witness controlled, well somewhat controlled chaos in motion and Halloween Hysteria 2018 delivered just that. If you weren’t there you missed out so do yourself a favor and mark it on the calendar for 2019, you won’t regret it!


27th October 2018

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Simon Russell-White

Heavy music lover, always searching for new tunes whilst respecting the old! Singer (yeller) & lyrics writer!
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