Gorefield: As Dawn Bleeds the Sky

As Dawn Bleeds the Sky is the debut from the promising Aussie band Gorefield. Forged in the fires of ’80s metal with touches of thrash, it is a welcome trip down memory lane – with a fresh twist.

The ’80s revival is nothing new, as it’s been going on for more than 10 years. But imitating our past idols is one thing, and referencing them while creating something genuine and refreshing is another. Well, Brisbane’s metallers Gorefield fall into the latter category. Their first full length is an inspired, creative, catchy and heavy collection of songs that could easily being brought by Doc’s time machine straight from 1985 – but it wasn’t, apparently. Most of the album sounds like NWOBHM meets Metallica (well that really happened, right?).

Right off the bat, Embers brings the best of what the quintessential genre has to offer: pounding rhythmic section, in-your-face riffs, and melodic vocals that walk on the borderline between metal nation and thrash country. Playing with Fire is another interesting nugget, with its catchy chorus, attention-drawing breakdowns, and headbang-inviting riffs. At the end of the seven songs of this promising opus, my desire was to mail this CD to Mr. Hetfield with the words “for your next Garage-whatever album, if that ever comes out”. When pupil turns teacher, indeed.

Track List:

1 – Embers

2 – Love The Enemy

3 – Those Who Say Never

4 – Apathy

5 – Playing With Fire

6 – End of the Night

7 – As Dawn Bleeds the Sky


Written by Fabio Marraccini

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