Good & Bad News for Tool Fans

It’s been a long-time since we’ve heard anything from Tool about their new album. But today, we do have an update on the new material, from an unlikely source, Buzz Osbourne from the Melvins! Buzz was talking about the Melvins album, Stoner Witch, he compared the recording of their classic album to the process for the new Tool album.

“…Stoner Witch in particular was a lot of fun to make, and we really learnt a lot in the studio on that one. I think it was the longest time we ever spent in the studio actually; 19 days, which for us is a long time. Bands like Tool obviously spend about six months on their albums, and they’ve spent about ten years putting together the new one. And they haven’t even started recording yet, but Adam [Jones, Tool guitarist] told me the shortest song they’ve been working on is twelve minutes long.”

So there you have it, it’s not much but still more than anyone can get out of the band themselves! So the good news is, something is actually happening and they are moving forward on the project. The bad news is that it is a painstakingly meticulous process that will seemingly take a very long time to record.

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