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The Italian metal masters have put the death metal world into a collectively raised fist pumping with the news that their next album, the band’s third, will be ready in August.

Speaking via a release posted on their Facebook page, it will be produced by their longtime collaborator Stefano Morabito, who has worked in the studio with the band in some capacity since their first demo days.

“We are tracking guitars now, and the result is amazing… Stefano is nailing it and we know the album will sound incredibly powerful.”, announced guitarist Cristiano Trionfera.

Also hinting that this album will feature special guests, drummer Francesco Paoli further added “It’s difficult to recap in a few words all the elements contained in our new work, but we are sure this will absolutely be THE album for us”

After meticulous researching, the themes of this album will revolve around the Labyrinth of Knossos. The mythological era in Greek ancient times about King Minos who constructed an elaborate labyrinth to retain his son, the Minotaur.

The as yet untitled album will once again be through Nuclear Blast. Their first full length with the German label was the 2011 release Agony.

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