Filling The Gaps With POLYPHIA

If you are a fan of instrumental metal outfit Polyphia then read on because HEAVY Mag has something very special for you, right here, right now. Not only did we recently catch up with Clay Gober to talk about the band’s forthcoming Australian tour with Intervals but he also got talking about the band’s new single G.O.A.T. and what fans can expect from their album out in October.

When we catch up with Gober he is in the middle of a busy time – in Texas with the album being mastered while the band are filming video clips. “We are all stoked out of our minds,” he says with a laugh when I ask how the band are feeling about the tour to Australia. “We are so busy with shit at the moment I don’t think it is going to bite me in the ass until we are actually getting off the plane in Australia. We’re in this record cycle time where shit is kicking in and I don’t know we are just making videos and shit, it’s just like a tornado of shit so we end up forgetting the imminent tour to Australia and stuff. But as far as how it came about we have done a few tours with Intervals, they took us to Europe for the first time last year and I think everybody was just really stoked from the energy of the tour and we thought ‘why the fuck not do it Australia’ I guess.”

When talk turns to the new album he says “We actually recorded the whole thing while we were on tour a couple of months ago, and I think we just got in the final masters last week and it should come out mid-October. Pretty much you make the best record you can and then you make the best contact that you can, you kind of crush it and then give it a good leg to stand on. So basically the record is done and then you have two f**king weeks of silence and then you start to get a never ending chain of text messages from your manager saying ‘you need to fly here, this day, this day and this day’ And that’s all for videos and photos… so yeah it pretty much just consumes your life. First world problems, baby.”

All the tour details for Polyphia’s tour with Intervals can be found below, tickets are available now.


Written by Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.

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