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Favourite SeeYouSpaceCowboy Songs From Their Career & Why

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Post hardcore band SeeYouSpaceCowboy have today dropped their highly anticipated new album Coup De Grâce, a complex and imaginative new record that invites listeners into a neo-noir world of the band’s creation.

To celebrate the album, and to give fans a greater insight into what makes the band tick musically, frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa has put together a list of SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s favourite all-time songs of their own and what makes them so special.

Self-Help Specialist Ends Own Life – from Songs for the Firing Squad (2019)

“On Songs for the Firing Squad, this might be sacrilegious to my band members, but my favourite track is Self Help Specialist Ends Own Life because I feel like that was a big turning point for us. That was the first two years of us being a little DIY band, putting out our own seven inches and recording. But when that one came out – that’s the turning point in my head where it’s like, ‘Okay, we’re turning into a band that is willing to push things forward instead of just being like: we do grind shit’. We were crazy, and we loved The Dillinger Escape Plan and Daughters. But with this song we realised: oh, we can push outside our box. I will always love that song.”

Late December – from The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds (2019)

From The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds, I have to say I have a very love/hate relationship with Late December, just because it’s such a deeply personal song. I wrote that song, I think, two months after Natalie had committed suicide. And when we first wrote it, I told Pure Noise, ‘I’m never going to play that song live, no music video, it’s not a single’. But then I kind of opened up to the idea of it. It is a song that is painful to perform still to this day, but it’s also a song that means so much to me. So, I think it lives in that spot because of that controversy within myself, what that song is and what it means to me. I mean, that’s why we do this. And there’s a minute-long spoken word section, and I’ve never forgotten the lyrics once. They just live with me.”

bloodstainedeyes – from A Sure Disaster (with If I Die First) (2021)

“With the split with If I Die First, this is an easy one: it’s bloodstainedeyes just because when we made that track, it was just literally all of Cowboy in my three bedroom, two bathroom apartment for a couple days, just writing all day, fucking around, drinking all night, putting music videos on TV and moshing on my couch, riding each other, piggybacks and shit. It was so much fun and so stressful at the same time. We literally wrote the song in two days and shot the music video the next day before it was even finished. Me, Ethan [Sgarbossa] and my homie who shot the video, Cameron Nunez, we were building the set while the other people were upstairs finishing the song. And we shot the video the next day.”

Misinterpreting Constellations – from The Romance of Affliction (2021)

“With Romance, I think I have to go with Misinterpreting Constellations. I know that’s an easy one because that’s like the “hot” single. But it’s fun. It is a song that, in my eyes, was bombastic, but also we played around with the chorus. I think that was one of the first choruses we ever wrote that had my first soft/clean singing part, outside of what we did with If I Die First, all those dudes can sing their asses off, and they were helping us with bloodstainedeyes. But this is the first one we ever did on our own. And I think it marries that crazy energy of Cowboy with this new melodic side.”

Lubricant Like Kerosene – from Coup de Grâce (2024)

“And for Coup de Gracé – it’s Lubricant Like Kerosene because since we wrote it, I’m like, ‘That’s the one!’ You can shake your ass. You will prance around on stage. For me, that’s exactly what I want out of a Cowboy song. It’s someone you can swing your hips to the best. It’s dance-y, it’s playful, it’s sexy – everything that I would want to perform on stage.”

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