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Every Time I Die

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Every Time I Die

US hardcore/punk act Every Time I Die will stand out from the crowd as one of the only heavy acts at this year’s Big Day Out.

With Soundwave attracting the attention of our country’s heavy music fans, the Big Day Out can get a little lost. Still, the longer running summer festival isn’t a complete barren wasteland for heaviness. BDO manage to get one or two heavy acts on the bill most years – and in this time around they’ve chosen Every Time I Die.

The hardcore punk band are virtually the only heavy act of the festival and this causes frontman, Keith Buckley, to feel a touch of trepidation.

“We’re the anomaly of the festival,” he says, “We’re the only really heavy band. I guess that’s an honour, but it’s also f**king terrifying,” he laughs.

It definitely makes the band stand out from the crowd.

“Yeah, but that’s not always a good thing!” Buckley chuckles again, “Virgins stand out, so do fat people.”

The band were scheduled to come out for 2011’s Soundwave Revolution, which was to be headlined by Van Halen before it was unfortunately cancelled. And Buckley thinks he knows why.

“I can officially say that David Lee Roth ruined my tour,” he says cheekily, “I never thought I’d be able to say that. I hope I’m not saying anything that people don’t know, but they [Van Halen] asked for all their money up front. And then [David Lee Roth] said he was sick or something and didn’t want to do it – they’d already paid him lots of money and he didn’t show up anyway. I don’t know – I didn’t get the whole deal. That’s a whole different level of music. You’re dealing with egos that are just in outer space. I don’t know how people like that function, so I don’t even pretend to relate or understand.”

Every Time I Die released their sixth full-length album, Ex Lives, last year and the reaction to it since has apparently been extremely positive.
“People love it. It’s cool because – and we haven’t done this for any other album – we’re trying to learn every song on it, so if people want to hear it live they can request one and we can just do it. We switch it up every time – we just enjoy every single song on the record. There’s no filler on there.”

Buckley is hard pressed to remember just how many times the band have toured Australia, but he is looking forward to gracing our shores once again – even if it is just to get away from the harsh northern US winter.

“The weather’s going to be awesome. I’m sure the shows will be great too, I know that, but I’m just excited to get out of the snow for a little bit,” he laughs.
The band are approaching 14 years together and while Buckley feels the years sometimes, he thinks there’s still great vibe and exuberance within the band.

“When you look at old pictures and you see yourself aged 19 and you weigh a hundred pounds and then you look in the mirror and you’re 33 and weigh 180, you go ‘yeah that’s where the years are! You would never know [our age] from one of our shows though, because we’re playing with younger bands and we’re still drawing crowds. It’s great that we just keep people interested. I don’t why or how or what we’ve done. It’s not a formula that we follow, we’re just very lucky.”

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