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Epica vs Attack On Titan Songs
20th July 2018
Nuclear Blast

Finally fans of Dutch symphonic metal outfit Epica can get their hands on an absolute gem that seemed like it would be out of reach except for a select few. Fans of the band have taken to online to try and get a copy of the exclusive Japanese released EP the band brought out of them covering the theme music of the popular Attack On Titan anime films. It sounds like a weird mix on paper, but after one listen to this EP and you’ll be wondering why it wasn’t released worldwide the first time.

While you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps covers of Anime tunes might mean that Epica have to change their sound dramatically that just isn’t the case. Instead what we find here is some of Epica’s finest works – four tracks of brilliance then repeated as instrumentals.

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If anything the Epica vs Attack On Titan album actually brings out an interesting edge to the band’s sound. Opening track ‘Crimson Bow & Arrow’ begins with a blast like the horns of hell but then gives way to the angelic voice of Simone Simons and somehow the track is lifted to epic proportions, even high and above what Epica normally do. Any doubts that might be cast over this being a concept EP are erased as the song is topical to modern day life and is a song that the band should well and truly be proud of.

Wings Of Freedom’ sees Epica take on a sound very similar to Cradle Of Filth’s more recent work. Mark Jansen’s growls are more prolific than normal and while he brings the gruffness the sounds of flutes bring a peace and tranquillity in an unique flipside. It’s here we also see guitarist Isaac Delahye come to the fore. His playing is exceptional on the album, with some amazing new solos that takes his playing to a whole new level.

‘If Inside These Walls Was A House’ sees the softer theatrical side to Epica come to the fore while once again Delahye’s guitar playing makes the track memorable, then there is ‘Dedicate Your Heart’ that again becomes an Epica classic. Amazing vocals and seamless transitions between instrumental parts make this a symphonic metal masterpiece that is going to be adored by listeners right around the world.


There may be some people out there that will dismiss this EP as something comical – they shouldn’t. Epica have created a symphonic metal gem here. This rarity is a must own for fans of the genre.

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Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.
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