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ELEPHANT GUN Dust Off The Cobwebs

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After a 20-year absence, Elephant Gun are back to reclaim the airwaves with a healthy dose of rock music that has only gotten better with age.


Their return album  Now To Survive comes out today and manages to capture a raw rock sound that offers a seamless transition back into the music industry.


Around the turn of the century, Elephant Gun were flying high, touring constantly and enjoying the deserved accolades heaped on them for their debut album Albino. They were a band going places and had the rare ability to back up the hype but seemingly out of nowhere they faded into the darkness with little heard from the band for two decades.


Bass player Sean Dennis sat down with HEAVY during the week to talk about the album, but not before answering the burning question of where they have been for so long.



“Well,” he measured, “we got sick of being poor (laughs). We had very little money and we kept on losing jobs and losing girlfriends and on the brink of homelessness constantly, so we got to this point where we still enjoyed playing music together and we still played music together but we stopped doing it full time because it was exhausting. People got careers; people got qualifications; people got married; people had kids, but we still managed to get together when we could and play and keep recording and keep flying the Elephant Gun flag but it just became more of a… I wouldn’t say hobby – it was still a strong passion – but it became we couldn’t make it the be-all, end-all because you have to be able to feed your family and pay your rent so that was the general crux of it. We’ve never broken up in that time. We still remained an active band but we tried to work towards a gig a year in our later years and we were just recording. When COVID hit we had all these songs that we’d recorded and we looked back and went ‘gee they’re pretty good (laughs). It felt like unfinished business because my industry shut down pretty much overnight when COVID hit in March. I was stuck with all this time and went through different recordings and spoke to the guys who recorded us and had friends who did studio stuff and mastering and re-mastering so it became a project that I thought would be more a case of that’s done and we can send it off to the people that still like us and I sent it to Rick at Dinner For Wolves and he wanted to put it out! I wasn’t expecting that (laughs). I think for the difficult second album some bands take a long time and don’t succeed but we decided twenty years was long enough and the world needed some music. Some of Todd’s lyrics made me think that they were a little bit COVID inspired and he was ahead of his time, almost as if he pre-empted it. It made it feel a little bit like a concept album that had been written beforehand for this particular time. Obviously, it’s not, but if anything its unfinished business and something we had to finish to put a full stop on the end of it. If you have all these songs sitting around and you are listening to them constantly thinking I wish we did a bit more with that… you’re not gonna get rid of that feeling until you’ve actually finished the job.”


In the full interview, Sean runs through the album in greater detail, what goals they had, how they approached things after a twenty-year gap between new material, the importance of coming back with the right song, future plans and more.


Watch “Kill St Blues” from the album below:


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