Electrik Dynamite: Showgirls / Steel of Fortune

Melbourne’s party metal kings, Electrik Dynamite are back with two new electrifying songs. Their double A-sided vinyl release is the first to feature their new vocalist, Dan Brittain.

The band’s last release was the ultimate mixture of Iron Maiden-meets-Ratt-styled ’80s heavy metal, with punk/hardcore influenced drumming. The epic guitar/keytar harmonies and massive choruses are still alive in Electrik Dynamite’s sound, but their new songs show less Maiden-esque riffs, and leans a tad more to a glam rock sound than their last album.

The new lead vocalist brings a completely different vibe to the band, sounding very different to their former vocalist. The lyrics aren’t always audible with Dan’s vocals – but his voice has a ’70s hard rock feel, similar to David Coverdale and Sebastian Bach.

Electrik Dynamite have impressed me again, and proven why they stand out over similar ’80s influenced metal bands. Both tracks on this release are as good as the other; the electrifying solos, powerful vocals and catchy choruses (as you’d expect from this genre) are top notch. The drums are different compared to a lot of similar bands; they’re not as, dare I say it, ‘simple’ or ‘standard’, which keeps the songs interesting to listen to.

Any sucker for catchy ’80s metal tunes are crazy if they don’t get their greasy hands on this 7” vinyl. You can download it digitally, but I would say the artwork alone is rad enough to buy a hard copy of it.


Written by Patrick Emmett

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