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DeadSet Records 12/05

DORO ‘Forever United’

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Remember that over-achieving girl at High School? You’d have an essay due and she would hand hers along with a perfectly made diaroma… she was the kind of girl that would get the bonus questions right on a test as well and end up with something crazy like 120%. The musical equivalent is Doro who has just stunned every with the double release of Forever United and Forever Warriors on the same day. To celebrate releasing 20 albums (and 35 years of performing on stage) Doro could have just released one perfect album… instead she delivers two… now that is overachieving.

The first album – Forever United – is one of the most beautiful albums you will hear of this year. Albums where there are no weak tracks are few and far between these days but with Forever United the former Warlock front woman is on song… literally. While exploring deep topics like love and friendship something special happened with the lyrics of Forever United. While taking a look at both of the ups and down of both kinds of relationship Doro ended up making this one of the most heartfelt albums you will ever hear.

Due to the nature of Top 40 music when you hear that songs are inspired about love you are almost programmed to start thinking about cheesy lyrics or winy ballads that certainly isn’t the case with Forever United. Opening track ‘Resistence’ is equal to anything that Lee Aaron delivered during her career while the brilliance of the album is one show very early on with ‘Lift Me Up’ which consists of meaningful lyrics and keeps to that hard rock nature and not dipping into the ballad territory.

‘Heartbroken’ again shows that traditional Doro grunt while the very Heart like ‘It Cuts So Deep’ showcases something that some of us have known for years – Doro has one of the most amazing voices in the industry. She knows how to deliver lyrics that mean something but with sheer beautiful force and power. Then there is ‘Love Is A Sin’ – one of the most surprising tracks on the album – it still rates among one of the best tracks of the album but is also as catchy as hell.

It is obvious from listening to Forever United that Doro had an amazing friendship with Lemmy. The lyrics for the truly amazing track ‘Live Life To The Fullest’ came to her while she was on the way to his funeral while the album also sees a touching cover of Motorhead’s ‘Lost In The Ozone’ as his dear friend pays tribute to the great man. It shows a lot of what Doro’s character is like for her to pay such a tribute to Lemmy on a celebratory album that could have just been ‘HER’ album while she reflected on her own career.

‘1000 Years’ does dip into the ballad zone but it is haunting and saved by the amazing vocals of Doro, especially the crooning, while ‘Fight Through The Fire’ has hit written all over it. It sounds great, is slighty catchy and the production gives it real edge.

If you are going to celebrate your career with an album then you better make it a great album and that is exactly what Doro does with Forever United. This is an album with beautiful meaningful songs that will go down as a classic for all the hard rock fans out there

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