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Disolving Your Fears with THE PINEAPPLE THIEF

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Listen to the interview right here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast:

In the full interview Bruce discusses the upcoming album, what to expect musically, the difference King Crimson drummer Gavin Harrison has made to the band, his early days as a solo performer through to the eventual decision to turn The Pineapple Thief into a functional touring band, the real story behind the title of their debut album ‘Abducting the Unicorn’ and more.

“What I usually sing about is what I’m going through personally and my relationships with people I’m around” explained Bruce Soord, vocalist for Somerset’s The Pineapple Thief, “all the experiences that I go through with people I’m with except this time there was an underlying sort of theme which is the growth of social media and how connected we all are. The last couple of years – I don’t know what it’s like in Australia – but here there’s been a real reaction against it. People realize finally that it’s making people unhappy and now people are turning away from it and turning off because it’s made things worse. The word ‘Dissolution’, that was perfect. That sums up what I think we should do. We should dissolve all of this and start again. I didn’t want to preach – I’m not saying that we should just smash our phones up and people should delete their Facebook account because it can be really good. It’s just that with the people I know it’s gone a bit too far and made things a lot worse.”

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‘Dissolution’ is released August 31

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