Direct Underground Fest 2018 – REVOCATION Interview

Direct Underground Fest 2018 kicks off this weekend and HEAVY Mag recently had the chance to sit down with Revocation just one of the many of the bands on a line up that includes the legendary Ihsahn, Belphegor, Encircling Sea, Wiegedood and Diocletian.

When we chat to Dan Gargiulo in Boston the excitement about the one of the most revered modern day thrash metal bands hitting Australian shores in very clear in his voice. “Well if I were younger I would be nervous,” he says. “It is something we have been doing so much (playing at festivals) that we are used to it, but I’ll admit I do get starstruck. I am very excited to meet Ihsahn and I am very excited to meet Belphegor, so on one hand I am used to playing big shows like this but on the other hand I am so excited like a little… like 15 year old me is excited. It is both of those things simultaneously going around.”

As we talk about meeting those people that we idolise Gargiulo admits that it is not always pretty when he gets starstruck either. “I have certainly made an ass of myself more than once with people I look up to,” he says laughing. “But to be honest what I will ty to do is not over do it with the worshipping, if I meet someone like that I’ll probably just be like ‘hey, you’re playing really influenced me and I appreciate what you did.’ What I try to do though is not go too hard in that direction because I don’t want to annoy them. I remember we played this show in the UK, in Leeds, Damnation Fest, and I was drinking and watching bands and our bassist wanted to kill me because I didn’t do merch all day. I was watching bands all day and I certainly let my responsibilities slide that day.


Direct Underground Fest is on this weekend.

Written by Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.

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