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Devil’s In The Detail With SKINNY From MUSHROOMHEAD

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“There are some songs on this album that feel like they stepped off the last page of A Wonderful Life. This album is a little more aggressive, some of it is darker.”


There are very few bands in the world of music that push themselves to the extremes like Mushroomhead.

Their music draws from pretty much all genres of metal known to man, with sprinkles of punk, hip/hop, electronica and God knows what else thrown in for good measure. And what’s more is they make it work.

While not unique in their amalgamation of musical influences, Mushroomhead are streets ahead of the pack in terms of cohesiveness that defies logic given the eclectic nature of their delivery. But, again, it works.

If you want proof take a listen to the band’s upcoming studio album Call The Devil, which will be unleashed on the world on August 9. Loosely described in promotional material as an album that covers everything from bangers to ballads, Call The Devil is much more than that. So much so that it would be quicker to list the musical landscape NOT covered than the ones explored over the journey.

To put things in perspective and delve deeper into the musical psyche of Mushroomhead, HEAVY sat down for a one-on-one with founding member Skinny that proved to be not only engaging but also more in-depth than expected.

We start by asking how he is feeling about the impending release of Call The Devil.

“Oh man, really excited,” he enthused. “Album eight was A Wonderful Life, and we released it in June 2020 and COVID came in and had its way with the world and definitely had its way with all the entertainers. I definitely felt first-hand how non-essential heavy metal drummers were at the time (laughs), so we all had to knuckle down and dig down in our spirit and say ‘hey man, we wanna do this. Of course we’re gonna keep doing this. It’s our livelihood. It’s who we are. We create music no matter if there’s a world left to create for or not. We’ll just do it until the day we die’. So it feels really good to be able to release an album and get out there and perform it on stage.”

With the continual evolution of both Mushroomhead and their sound, it only seems natural to press Skinny on what to expect this lap around the sun.

“On this one, album number nine, it was just another ‘let’s let the music take us where it may. Let it lead’,” he said. “The album’s very diverse. There’s a lot of doom and gloom. There’s a lot of super aggressive, heavy stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff in between. Super creepy, dark, typical stuff that ends up coming out of us. Whether we intend it or not, everything ends up with a creepy, heavy, dark vibe. It’s just what ended up being the Mushroomhead sound. So there’s plenty of that, and then we definitely stayed out of our comfort zone – if there really is one with Mushroomhead – but we tried to stay out of our own comfort zones and play with tempos and play different keys and play with non-traditional arrangements and let the music guide us. Some of it was straightforward and put together specifically for a heavy metal song and some of it is straight art that turns into dark art which we love.”

In the full interview, Skinny discussed Mushroomhead‘s music, production insights, and upcoming tours. He delved into the band’s unique fusion of metal, hip-hop, punk, and electronic influences, and their commitment to authentic and diverse songwriting.

Skinny also shared details about the production of the latest album, Call the Devil, including the return of guitarist Dave Felton after 10 years and the challenges of balancing male-female vocal dynamics. He also discussed the band’s approach to producing their own music and the collaborative process of working with multiple drummers on the album, as well as the early days of Mushroomhead and their media-led feud with Slipknot, plus more.

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