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Deez Nuts

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JJ Peters says ‘he’s doing fanatically well’. Speaking with HEAVY from NYC, he’s suffering from the cold on his down time, taking a short break on holidays after finishing p a few months on their Europe tour. Russia, Eastern Europe, touring with Suicide Silence and now the Deez Nuts front man is hitting reset.

The new album “Binge And Purgatory” drops this month and the hype around the album has been a far deal greater than its predecessor. Two years in the making, Peters says things weren’t much different in terms of the production and lifeline of the new album compared to previous release Word Is Bond.

“We pretty much used the exact same formula as far as the process we went through for as we did for Word Is Bond,” says Peters. “It was almost two years to the day that we went to the studio last time to record. It’s kind of like we used Word Is Bond as the preproduction for this album in a strange way, like we were so happy with how that came out but there were certain things that we wanted to fix and change and do differently that we kind of learnt from those experiences to do them the way we wanted to for this album.

“With the same team working on it, going about it with the same process, I think that’s resulted in this complete, well-rounded album that we’re so happy with”

Peters doesn’t seem very concerned that fans may compare the two albums and complain of the same songs being written, in fact, Binge And Purgatory is stylistically a fresh sound for the group. “Musically and lyrically, the two are different – it’s just the process was the same. We enjoyed working with the same team, like Andrew [Neufield] from Comeback Kid producing [for us]. It was really more about emulating the process, but not emulating the same album. Everything happened organically and came together the way it did and we didn’t use necessarily the writing process to write the same album, we just wanted to be in the same environment to put out the album we’ve put out.”

Differences in lyrics, Peter’s influences for the new songs have naturally been drawn from different sources, two years being a fair amount of time to gain new influences in life for music. “It’s always whatever is going on in my life at that time. I’m just in a different place in my life than I was and I think I’m kind of comfortable with the fact I’ve approached the topic of partying more times than most people have,” Peters giggles.

“I think I’ve done it in as many interesting as I possibly can, now I’m kind of comfortable that I’ve covered that topic entirely, many times, and I kind of just wanted to write things that were on my mind and flex my abilities to write a bit more, do some things I hadn’t done before.”

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Don’t be fooled in to thinking that Peters has hung up his party hat in favour of more stiff-collared pursuits – life changes direction in time, as we all know, and Peters is happily finding a balance between more mature persist and the life of a rock band frontman. “There’s an element of that,” says Peters, “But at the same time there’s parts of touring that insist upon my life in order to put on a show and whatnot.

“I tend to be pretty fucking introverted and quiet by nature so, you know, sometimes I need the liquid courage to get up and be the person I am on stage. I’ve talked about that element of my life enough.”

Hearing Peters describe himself as introverted is quite a surprise given that on stage, he commands a massive presence, albeit to talk with him, Peters speaks fast, a little jitter in his tone for all that he is quick and eloquent – are there perhaps two sides to his character? “For sure. If I was as full on and as boisterous and as loud as I am on stage at home, that’s a part of myself that’s who I am but that’s me performing and putting on a show, having a good time.

“Obviously there’s lots of elements to everyone and I tend to jump in to that role when I’m performing and writing but there are, many other elements to me that aren’t that person.”

Indeed, current single ‘Discord’ sees Peters letting go, giving it his all in a song of rough and wholesome truths, gritty guitars and heartfelt vocals ripping apart a full three minutes in a tantalising fashion. Fans will love it – but you can’t please everybody. Some of the more narrow-minded comments on the Youtube video say daft things like, ‘2001 called, they asked for their music back.’ This is a great source of humour for the hardcore frontman, who doesn’t completely dismiss the statements. “I can definitely see elements of that and I wouldn’t disagree with it,” Peters concedes.

“We’re like kids who fucking grew up on nu-metal and metalcore and shit so like obviously that’s gonna be banging around in our heads and definitely going to influence us and affect the way we write music in a lot of ways. But we also kind of go down a lot of different paths. I hear a lot of things that other people don’t. That song is definitely grounded in the hardcore side of every music, rather than like bands like P.O.D. It’s open to interpretation and people can think what they want of it… But I don’t 100% agree with that, but I don’t disagree either.”


Written by Anna Rose

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