Danimal Cannon – Lunaria – Album Review

Danimal Cannon albumDanimal Cannon
Release Date: 11 March 2016
Review by Jeremy Vane-Tempest

The soundtracks to the Legend of Zelda games are some of the biggest anomalies in music. How Koji Kondo made 45 second loops of audio that don’t make you want to brain yourself after the seventh repeat is astounding. It’s indicative of how much space there is to explore in 8-bit sound.

Daniel Behrens, who goes by the stage name of Danimal Cannon, has taken this sound to the nth degree on his debut album Lunaria. Opener, Axis, sets the tone immediately, and by tone I mean a ringtone on an old Nokia brick; because that’s what we’re working with here!

My god, though, this Behren guy is a wizard. Axis, is a perfect lead track. It’s heavy, technical and fun, with just the right amount of djent. Surveillance, is a staccato industrial march made for the head bang, and the title track is an acid trip beat-down. If you’re sick of the same-old-same-old that modern metal has become, then feast your ears on Lunaria.

You can listen to Lunaria HERE.

Written by Staff Writer

Staff Writer at HEAVY Magazine.

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