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Please add a profile photo and header images to the HEAVY Contributors page. Update your profile with an image of you and a few details about yourself. This is where it will appear:
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1 MAY 2018 We’ve added a button for you to apply for GIGS & ALBUMS over there on the left. Apply anytime! 30 APRIL 2018 We’ve added a new section to the homepage where people can click on their favourite genes to see anything relevant to that gene. 27 APRIL 2018 Added a “Gear Review” submission form. 1 MAY 2018 We’ve added a link to the Gigs & Albums application form over there on the right! Click it and apply whenever you like. 25 APRIL 2018 The HEAVY Digi-Magazine is back! It used to take 5-7 days to make the old, clunky one, not it takes a couple of hours! Check out the latest one here: 3 MARCH 2018 We’ve changed the “tags” section. This is now “Genre/s”. Now all you have to do is select the appropriate genre/d of the band/s. 1 March ’18: We have changed some backend stuff, some nerdy technical stuff, which has now made the site load faster! 1 February ’18: Welcome to the NEW website! How good is it? Sooooo much better than the old one! 15 Oct ’17: NEW! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PROFILE! We have finally updated to contributor profile area and it’s pretty sweet. Add a photo, a little blurb about you, your country, the rock/metal genres you like, a link to your website and social media pages (most are optional). You can share your profile page to show off all of your good work as it displays all of your posts on the front end of the website. 15th Oct: Forgot your password? The lost password section has been fixed so you can now reset it. 15th Oct: Photographers you can now download the HEAVY logo for your photos watermarks. 27th Sept: Some people are experiencing problems with uploading images and hyperlinking to tickets or the albums product page. If you encounter this please submit it without the images and just the text link, if it doesn’t hyperlink. 27th Sept. Most of the new website bugs are dealt with. If you notice any please let Carl know. 26th Sept. Radio player is down. We are working on making a new, improved radio player which will be done in a couple of days. It will be integrated with the podcasts. And there will be a really neat and easy to use podcast builder so people can create their own shows simply. 20th Aug. The shop’s appearance needs some work. As this is not a very user active area we’ll work on it later. Hopefully soon. 15 Oct: NEW! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PROFILE! We have finally updated to contributor profile area and it’s pretty sweet. Add a photo, a little blurb about you, your country, the rock/metal genres you like, a link to your website and social media pages (most are optional). 15th Oct: Photographers you can now download the HEAVY logo for your photos watermarks. 15th Oct: Updated the phone APP with new photos and a better category layout. 27 Sept. Added archive pages to the footer menu so PR and bands can access the entire HEAVY archive at any time. 27 Sept. Improved the user experience on the main pages with a load more button for the category they are viewing. This was requested by some readers and PR’s. 20 Sept. New podcast pages and shows added. 22 Aug. New Backstage admin area created. 17th July. There was an issue this week with WordPress fundamentally due to upgrades. This has been resolved and you shouldn’t experience the same issues from now. The issues were: Unable to login, getting a white screen and site lagging. 26 June. Uploading photos. We have resolved an issue with uploading images. Previously the images were getting knocked out or first-time uploaders couldn’t see the “Add Media” button. This is now fixed. 12 June. a.) Video pages: It’s known that the YouTube feeds are displaying only the HEAVY TV interviews on each page. This will be solved within a few days. b.) Digi-Magazine payment gateway removed and all issues are now accessible without payment. 11 June. a.) Made some changes to the Photo Gallery submission form to attempt to handle the photos not appearing in the app. b.) Added a dedicated photography section to the app. c.) Added a whole new section for photographers so they can upload a photo to sell through the HEAVY shop! 11 June PHOTOGRAPHERS: a.) We have just added the ability for you to sell your photographs through the HEAVY shop! You will receive 50% of the sale price (minus the payment gateway costs – PayPal or credit card) and you will be responsible for the shipping of the product. That’s a super commission for you and a great advantage to have direct contact with the purchaser as you could create the opportunity to upsell and/or get referrals. To submit a photo to sell use the “Add a Photo to Sell” form. Upload the photo by following the instructions. Once it’s submitted a manager will look over it and do the final setup in the shop. Not all photographs will be accepted. Your submission must be a high-quality photo. Carl Neumann will choose which ones go live or not. IMPORTANT: If you have signed a release form with the band or tour organisers which you prohibits you from selling photos the show you MUST NOT submit it. If in doubt please ask your contact or ask the Gig Manager to find out for you. Please don’t submit photos shot for other publications unless you have permission from the appropriate personnel at that publication. Any photos that were taken outside of the authorised time period for shooting (eg. first three songs, no flash) will not be accepted unless you had the appropriate pass to do so or permission otherwise. If you are unsure whether you could shoot out of the pit or during the whole show, ask your contact or ask the Gig Manager to find out for you. 10 June PHOTOGRAPHERS: a.) Please note that we have changed the gallery upload section. Now you will upload your photos into the dedicated text area rather than the gallery option. This will display your photos one on top of the other on the page giving the viewer a much better experience as the images will be bigger on their screen and device. It also means they can pinch and expand each photo to view it closer on mobile devices and tablets. b.) We also have new image sizes and dpi to ensure they look their best on Retina screens. Sizes: 1200px wide (longest edge) and 120dpi for each image at 180-300kb each; no more than 500kb if possible. Make sure it is a clean, sharp and unpixelated image. Please include the HEAVY logo in the bottom right corner, away from the edge, making sure the x and y distance is the same and 70% transparent. You can include your own logo if you wish to on the left side of the photo. Your logo must not be larger than the HEAVY logo and should also be 70% transparent. 10 June a.) Launched the HEAVY App! Get yours on iOS and Android. 9 June: a.) Changed the way photographers add their photo gallery. b. Fixed the bug with adding a film poster to the Film form. c.) Update this admin area to include updates and an improvement in design and various other goodies. 6 June: a.) Fixed the bug with displaying images in the gallery. b.) Updated the instructional text on some of the fields to explain a few things better. c.) Resolved a timeout issue some users were facing. 4 June: Fixed an error with uploading the Featured Image to the Interview form.


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