Confronting Your Demons With HARROWAY


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Sydney metalcore outfit Harroway have released the final song from their upcoming mixtape Bloom In A Dark Room which will be out on March 1.


“Final Letter” is a brutal song, especially when you stop to take in its subject matter, with vocalist Matt Banks stopping by to talk to HEAVY ahead of the release to discuss the song and more.


“We went heavy,” he said when asked about the musical direction of ‘Final Letter’. “We just wanted to go as heavy as possible. We started with the intro and because of the dark chords that the boys were using we just knew that it needed to be a fuck off heavy song (laughs). The moment I heard the first intro into the verse and that first riff I knew I had a lot of shit to let out so it was great.”


“Final Letter” tells a dark and harrowing tale of suicide and depression told through Banks’ eyes and is a confronting and brutally honest song that is only strengthened when you realize the gravity of its lyrics.



“It’s basically about my battle with depression and suicide as well as my tendency to isolate myself and really just shut off from the world,” Banks said honestly. “I recently got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which made perfect sense to me. It’s amazing how much clarity finding out what mental health issues you have can give you as far as your day to day life. At the time when I wrote this song, I had just come out of a huge depression – I tried to kill myself – and I had a lot of shit going on. My friends were killing themselves and it was just a mess, it was chaotic. The only thing really keeping me going was my band and dog.”


In the full interview Matt goes deeper into the song and his feelings on it, tells of the difficulties in writing and performing something so close to his heart, runs us through the film clip, talks about recording the album overseas, explains the difference between an album and a mixtape, surviving COVID as a fresh band and more.


Watch “Final Letter” below:



For more information:


Bookings, media enquiries, and everything else please contact Matt Banks at [email protected]


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