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Housecore Records / Dead Set Records

Words by Jimmy Glinster

What better a way to kick off my Sunday morning then to review a split EP by two Aussie bands that tend not to fuck around with their songwriting furiosity and intensity. And luckily so, because I’ve got a baby shower and a river cruise to get to, and this beast lasts just over 10 min.

I know right, how fucking metal of me. In my defence, the boat cruise is some sludge metal event on a motherfucking boat. I’m on a boat, motherfucker and such. As for the baby shower, I guess I’m just a sucker for punishment.

Child Bite takes the lead on Side A (?) with the opening track Death Before Dementia. With a quick string of guitar harmonics, the song opens up and take off full pace into a rolling rhythm and fast paced accompanying vocals. It’s almost got some kind of strange jazz vibe to it, which smoothly blends into the overall punk feel of the track. Clocking in at under 2 min, it’s a short but enjoyable experience.

Born A Hog is up next, and it kicks off with a short and sharp guitar riff which is very quickly joined by a rolling a bass line and drum roll. The vocals are again quick, to the point, and the punk rock is flowing freely. That jazz element is poking through again with the quick riff shifts and sporadic licks. The song ends as a pure punk track, even though it exceeds the 2 min punk track limitation by almost a full minute.

Enter Side B (?) and Black Rheno don’t fuck around as they blast into Flea Ridden. If you’ve heard or seen this band before, you’ll know exactly what to expect. It rocks, and it grooves, and it’s all up in your face with hard out intensity.

Just in case you need reminding, this is a 3-piece band consisting of vocals, guitar and drums. But there’s bass I hear you say, this doesn’t sound like … And Justice for All?

Welcome to the magic of modern music and guitar pedals, but that’s about as much info as you’ll get from me. We gotta keep some things secret.

Apologies, I got a bit distracted there, let’s get back to the track, hey. Well, it’s almost over by the time I get back to writing this, and I missed the whole middle of the song. Fuck me, though, shit got a bit hectic at the end there. This is some good shit, I’m going to have to click the back button and have another listen.

Before I get the chance though, the final track Empire kicks in and just about rips my fucking head off. 14 more seconds of that, and I may have actually been headless. Luckily, my neck can withhold at least 1 minute of fury, even in its ripe old age.

What a blast! Enjoy!

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