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CASEY Punch Through

Listen to the interview here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast.:

“Because it’s expensive as hell!” laughed Tom Weaver, vocalist for Welsh outfit Casey on why the band is touring Australia for their first time ever next month. “That’s the only reason. Since Casey started we’ve always felt that we had a strong fan presence in Australia and if it was more accessible I’m sure we would have made the trip before now but it is just a purely financial obstacle that has stopped us reaching you before.”

As such, fans will have little by which to gauge the bands live performance by, but Weaver promises that Casey will deliver everything expected of them – and more.


“We’ve always tried to keep it as authentic as we can,” he assured. “We’ve never made a big deal… we don’t use a lot of light production or anything. We try and keep it as much about the music as it can be and then after the show you can expect us all to be hanging around the venue. We try and socialize as much as we can and most of the guys like a drink so buy them a beer (laughs).”

In the audio interview Weaver discusses more on touring a country for the first time, the reaction to their latest album ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ and how personal the album is to him, the complexities of writing a deeply personal song while still making it accessible to others and how the band has changed musically over their two albums.

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