Carcass: Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel, the much-anticipated first studio album from Carcass in 17 years, definitely does not disappoint.

Taking from the best parts of their back catalogue, Carcass' Surgical Steel uses the melodic feeling of Swan Song, 
the lyrical content of Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious and the overall excellence of Heartwork, packaged in 
superb production by Colin Richardson.

The album starts out with a melodic-styled intro before hitting the listener's ears with the absolutely crushing 
"Thrasher's Abattoir". The band make use of backing vocals throughout the album, which adds to the already well-
structured brutality that is Surgical Steel.

Standout tracks include "Thrasher's Abattoir", the awe inspiring "The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills" and their 
current single "Captive Bolt Pistol". This is definitely an album for old school Carcass fans and new school death 
metallers alike.

Written by Paul Hammond

I play in the band Internal Nightmare as Bass and Vocals, I listen to a wide variety of metal from the earliest stuff to the most recent stuff in most genres. Love meeting people and chatting at gigs so if you see me at one come and say hi.

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