BURDEN MAN Dark Folk trio to release new music


Burden Man will release a brand new EP before the end of winter.

The self-titled EP follows on from 2017’s debut EP, Shadows Of The Dying and aims to continue Burden Man’s journey into humanity’s darkest depths.

The first release from the forthcoming EP has been released today. Listen to “Trenches” on Spotify

Burden Man mastermind Justin Finch says of the track, “Trenches is a very simple way of touching on some issues I feel everyone is experiencing/has experienced at some point in their life. Ourselves included. Whether it be trust, abandonment, severe existential dread or just a plain lethargy towards life and the people around you. Sometimes, the safest place to hide is in your own head, away from everyone and everything. As discovered since writing the song, it isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to deal with deep seeded pain. Though sometimes, you just have to keep on digging until it all makes sense. “

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