Breaking News: Thy Art is Murder booted off Soundwave?!

Thy Art Is Murder has been kicked off Soundwave 2014, according to tweets made by festival organiser AJ Maddah.
Right in the middle of Soundwave’s Brisbane show, the first leg of the national tour, Maddah took to twitter to vent about Thy Art Is Murder’s stage behaviour, adding that the band is now “off tour”.
Maddah alleged that the Aussie deathcore band took opportunities during their Brisbane set to incite mob violence by calling for the crowd to overpower security staff and storm the stage.
“Thy band are f**kwits. Thy Band Are Kicked Off Tour” Maddah said in his tweet, causing fans to flood the colourful personality’s Twitter page.
Maddah claimed singer CJ McMahon shouted to the strong crowd, “There are thousands of you and dozens of security. Smash them. All of you get on the stage.”
Asked by a follower whether Thy Art Is Murder were kicked off tour for having people on stage, Maddah responded, “No. For encouraging people to smash security, wreck the barrier and fuck shit up. Yeah, we nearly had police cancel the show.”
He then delivered a stinking backhand to Australia’s domestic metal and hard rock scene, saying, “And that, is why we do not have many Australian bands on Soundwave. Disrespectful arseholes.”
Maddah is known for his heavy use of Twitter, his preferred channel for connecting with fans.
Just in its first show of the tour, Soundwave 2014 has not been without its headaches for the experienced promoter who has already had to re-draw the timetables following the exit of several high profile bands, including Megadeth, Newstead, Whitechapel, Stone Temple Pilots and Hardcore Superstar.
The festival moves to Sydney tomorrow and, with no official statement from Soundwave, fans might have to wait until then to know whether Thy Art is really off the tour.


UPDATE: AJ Maddah has reversed the decision. He now says, after meeting with the band, Thy Art Is Murder will be kept on the Soundwave 2014 bill and “hopefully we’ll see a more considerate band on the tour”. We don’t wanna say we told you so, but we had a feeling everything would be alright in the end.

Nick Lord


  1. A.J. Maddah, You are the ‘Precious’ Areshole, Fuckwit !
    Ever since the Inception of the Soundwave festival, you have constantly Ignored and disrespected local Australian Bands and the entire Aus. Metal scene. What do you expect to happen when finally you put a local act on the bill ? Bowing, fawning, grovelling, snivelling gratitude for throwing them a bone, from the ‘Feast Table’….?
    Of coarse you should expect dissidence & rebellion !!! When the hand that (finally) feeds, Is the same hand that has been backhanding you for years, you can be sure It’s gonna get bitten !!!!!!!!!

    • That has to be one the most idiotic things I have ever read, Pudgey.

      So you’re suggesting that when the ‘Aus. Metal Scene’ are finally ‘thrown a bone’, the expected result is that that very ‘scene’ is going to immediately prove everyone who didn’t want them there in the first place to be completely correct and justified in their feelings on the matter and further reinforce everyone else’s opinions that angry little boys have no business associating with professional musicians? Sounds like a bad case of victim mentality, mate.

      “Wah, wah, wah. Everyone ignores the australian metal scene”.
      Gets invited to perform at Soundwave.
      “Wooo let’s fuck shit up and make them pay for always ignoring us!”.
      Is temporarily kicked off soundwave for attempting to fuck shit up. Mainsteam media picks up story. All other even organizers see what kind of fuckwits these people are and make sure they don’t invite them or anyone similar to their events.
      “Wah, wah, wah. Everyone ignores the australian metal scene”
      Rinse and repeat.


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