Body Count’s In The House

Ice T will enter the studio in May to begin recording on the bands 5th studio album.

It’s been 7 years since their last release, Murder 4 Hire and although they have never reached the heights of success that they had with their debut self titled album, released in 1992, the band have garnered a cult following amongst metal/rock fans.

Notoriety followed them from the start and their controversial song “Cop Killer” put them on the lips of everyone  from congress to the NRA back when the first album was released. Still, with 3 of the bands original line-up having untimely deaths, drummer Beatmaster V of leukemia, rhythm guitarist D-Roc from lymphoma and bassist Mooseman in a drive by shooting, Ice T and lead guitarist Ernie C still appear together. Their last live performance was at the Vans Warped 15th Anniversary party in 2006.

Confirming through his twitter account that they are heading into the studio, the album should be out by years end through Sumerian records.

Written by Vix Vile

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