Blockheads: The World Is Dead

Grindcore isn’t everyones first choice of tunes for the car ride to school/work but for those of us who need a shot of adrenaline in the morning – we reach for the fury of blast beats religiously. Blockheads have been grinding hard for 20 years and their experience is evident in the inventive & frantic yet still traditional riffing, venomous vocal/lyrical attack, amazing drumming performance and classic attitude of “grind with us or get run down”. Hidden Terrors, To The Dogs, Take Your Pills, Digging Graves, Follow The Bombs and epic closer Trail Of The Dead all had something different amongst the obliteration. The World Is Dead is 25 brutal tracks of complete destruction that rarely cross the 2 minute mark and never relents.


Written by Mark Lennard

Pig Destroyer

Complete Failure: The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault