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BLACK STONE CHERRY Talk Getting Back To Basics

It has been a very busy twelve months for Kentucky’s very own Black Stone Cherry. A sold out tour, which included Australia, the release of the very special Black To Blue album which saw the hard-rockers go back and explore the history of blues music and now we find out that they were working on their brand new album – Family Tree, an album that the band promise is not as dark as their Kentucky album.

When HEAVY catches up with lead singer Chris Robertson is he is wrangling his 5 year old son and very excited about the release of Family Tree.

“With this album we wanted to and decided to do something different and I credit that to us going into the studio to do the Black & Blues EP,” says Chris when we touch on the topic of Family Tree sounding so different to anything the band has done in the past.  “When we went in to do that EP and we really studied that music for the first time in a real long time, I mean we really delved into those old blues records that we listened to all those years ago. And when we did that we kind of rejuvenated ourselves, we sparked a fire to the point that we decided to take a whole different approach to our song-writing and the producing of our record. We really wanted to simplify everything and make it about the parts being the right parts and not over-saturate things. We just wanted to make a record that people could smile and dance to.”


When Chris says this album saw a change for the band – he means everything. “Before we went and recorded Black & Blue we had about thirty ideas for new songs,” he says. “After we did that EP we scrapped everything, and I mean literally everything. We just sat down and went ‘okay let’s re-focus, we are a band that has been together for seventeen years and putting out records for twelve years and where are we going with this thing? Are we going to keep track and doing this thing or are we going to go back to what we were and we chose the latter and decided to just play good rock ‘n’ roll music.”



You can listen to the full interview above.

Family Tree by Black Stone Cherry out on April 20th.

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