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Danish BILLY BOY IN POISON have finally dropped their second album “INVOKER”. The boys play modern death metal with the attack of Misery Index and the groove of Gojira, but they are definitely not afraid of genre boundaries. Their sophomore album is packed with aggressive and heavy in-your-face songwriting.

To celebrate the release of their album, they have released a music video for their third and last single “Absolution”.


The wide varied vocals of Hjalte Sejr gives the band a blackened edge, which you don’t hear much in the Danish scene. The album is produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe,Tyr). The lyrics are about the struggle within, while overcoming your inner demons and moving forward. These songs are alternated with more socially critical songs that take a look on society nowadays.

“With this album, we really wanted to take the music serious artistically”, says Mikkel Larsen from BILLY BOY IN POISON. “We are taking a big step towards our own sounds with expressions that can both be brutal, but also create a variety of moods.”

“INVOKER” is self-released and is already available on all streaming services.

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