The Fucked Up HEAVY Interview

With their boundary-pushing LP David Comes to Life, Canada’s Fucked Up reignited a debate about what it meant to be ‘punk rock’. As they work on a follow-up record and prepare for their return to the Soundwave festival, drummer Jonah Falco tells HEAVY about pissing people off, and why you don’t want Fucked Up to […]

The Descendents

It took over 30 years for legendary, and legendarily inactive, Californian pop punk band The Descendents to tour Australia. Now they’re coming back after two years. HEAVY asks front man and punk icon Milo Auckerman what’s up. “I feel like the last time we were there I was struggling a bit, and I wanted to […]

Pig Destroyer

American grindcore luminaries Pig Destroyer had the roughest slog of their career to arrive at new record Book Burner, but you wouldn’t be able tell when you listen to the twisted grind monster. “It was the toughest experience we’ve been through.” Pig Destroyer vocalist J.R. Hayes says of the process of writing and recording their […]

Motionless In White

Motionless In White

Some musicians love all their old albums, while others refuse to revisit anything they’ve done in the past. Then there’s Chris Motionless, who kind of hates all his work leading up to Infamous. “I wouldn’t say that I hate anything we’ve done… I just hate some of the stuff we’ve done,” the totally candid vocalist […]