Ne Obliviscaris ‘Urn’

Coupling the lamenting vocals and wilting strings of melodic metal with the heavy riffs and harsh vocals of extreme metal, Ne Obliviscaris are back to prove that they are the ones to beat in the extreme progressive sub-genre of the metal world. Urn starts with a two-part song in “Libera”. Benjamin Baret and Matt Klavins‘ […]

POLARIS ‘The Mortal Coil’

Polaris doesn’t hold back anything on this, their debut album This Mortal Coil, showing the world what the Australian metalcore scene is capable of. Having been around for 3 years and already having amazing success with their EP Guilt and the Grief, back in 2016, this quintet certainly know what they are doing and what they […]

REGULUS ‘Quadralith’

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Regulus are showing that the north of the country is a music powerhouse as they bring their unique twist on Stoner Metal with their new album Quadralith. With ‘Groove-laden, riff-drenched, psychedelic heavy blues’ plastered on their website and their Bandcamp page, you can see how these guys are going to quickly […]

GOBLIN KING ‘Drugs, Blood and Death ‘n Roll’

Drawing on their love of bands like Gallows, Motörhead and Cancer Bats, Goblin King is already showing what the UK can produce when it comes to metal bands. With their edgy thrash and punk style, their EP will quickly transport you to a dingy underground club where the smell of the smoke machines is in the […]

GOGOL BORDELLO ‘Seekers And Finders’

  Kicking straight off into “Did It All”, Gogol Bordello‘s new album Seekers and Finders prove that these gypsy punks are still a force to be reckoned with. From the first time that Sergey Ryabtsev strokes the strings of his violin, you straight away know who you are listening to and will finding yourself tapping […]